Happy Tuesday, friends! Today’s post is all about some of my current favorite mom and baby products for winter! I have included some things I personally love as a mama, some things we use for Jack and some items I’m excited to use for Noah when he gets here. There are lots of great products – so be sure to check them all out! Let’s dive right in.

Current Mom & Baby Favorites For Winter!

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads

I nursed Jack for 17 months – so I’m a HUGE fan of washable nursing pads, especially in those early months. With Noah hopefully making his debut in 3ish months, I’m starting to stock up on the products I loved most! I used Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads for Jack, and will definitely be using them again for my second breastfeeding journey! They are made from renewable bamboo, are heart-shaped to be virtually undetectable (no matter your cup size) and include a leak-proof liner.

Bamboobies Organic Nipple Balm

Another nursing fave I’m bringing back for Noah! Nipple cream is a MUST for nursing moms. Mine would get so dry and cracked from around the clock feedings and there is nothing worse than wanting to feed your baby WITHOUT the pain. This nipple balm is organic, safe for mom / baby (aka: no need to wipe before feeding), and has great ingredients without animal testing!

You can get a discount on either Bamboobies products using the code BABBLEBOXX (valid until 12/31/21). Offer is valid on full priced items on and cannot be combined with any other offers. Discount is not available on gift cards.

The First Years First Dreams 3D Portable Bassinet

Ok – I’m not gonna lie but this is probably the item I’m most excited for when Noah arrives. We visit my parents a lot (they only live 10 min away from us) and with Jack, we used to pack up our portacrib every time we went over so he could sleep. This portable bassinet is SO handy, lightweight and will be awesome to bring with us! Plus, I love the full mesh sides so you can see baby from every angle.

The First Years Gentle Warmth Digital Bottle Warmer

We did a mix of pumped milk and breast feeding with Jack and plan on doing the same with Noah – so a bottle warmer is a MUST. This one is fantastic – with consistent heating and keeping bottles warmer for longer. The heating system is great for formula AND breastmilk so that is a win for us! The digital screen is super easy to use, too. I also love that when baby gets bigger, it can be used for baby food jars as well! I love anything that pulls double duty.

Baby Magic Moisturizing Lotion

I love this brand for Jack!!! Nothing is better than a freshly lotioned baby or toddler, I swear! This lotion is formulated with Calendula, coconut oil and aloe to help seal in the moisture for super healthy skin. It is an after-bathtime MUSt for kids of all ages!

Baby Magic Gentle Hair & Body Wash

We also love the hair and body wash. It works for the body and hair (again – we love a product that does more than one thing), it’s tear-free and has Calendula and coconut oil to keep the hair and body feeling super clean and soft. It’s great for daily cleansing – and won’t leave the skin dry or sensitive. Plus it’s hypoallergenic, allergy and dermatologist tested.

WishGarden AfterEase

As I prep to have another baby, I’m definitely looking forward to products like this. I remember how awful the afterbirth contractions are – so having a product stocked in your delivery bag is a must. Mine is already packed and ready to go! This product calms, supports and relaxes the body to easy that pain. Plus, it’s non-GMO, organic and gluten-free!

All you have to do is take 3 mL (or 3 full squeezes) with a little water and then repeat in 5 minutes if needed.

WishGarden Baby Blues Mood Support

I am on high alert for this next pregnancy for baby blues after the wild emotional ride this pregnancy has been for me. This product is a powerful but gentle, and is intended for use as an “in-the-moment” symptom soother and daily tonic. It’s meant to help with emotional and hormonal support for new mothers. I am excited to try it out after Noah is born to see if it helps that new baby transition.

Triple Paste Diaper Rash Cream

This is an AWESOME diaper rash cream that we have loved for Jack and definitely plan on keeping in stock for Noah! It is a 3-in-1 cream that prevents, treats AND soothes your baby’s bum. It’s also pediatrician recommended AND dermatologist tested for the best possible results. I love that it’s fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, too. The formula is unique and contains oat extract and beeswax which provide fast relief for red and inflamed skin. There are coupons available for use at!


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