If you aren’t an avid social media follower – you might be shocked to see this blog post today! SURPRISE! I’m pregnant with our second baby and now that I’m out of the first trimester, I am beyond excited to be sharing some details. How we found out, this experience vs my experience with Jack, and a lot of other fun first trimester details. We actually found out the baby’s gender early this time with a blood test (we decided to do testing this time around after having a miscarriage last November to ease our minds) which was SO much fun and definitely helped us breathe a sigh of relief when all our tests came back normal. ANYWAYS – let’s jump into this!

*Shout out to Emily Broadbent Photography for coming to our home and taking these sweet last minute photos for us. I will cherish having these darling images forever!

*If you are looking for a macrame rainbow for your own rainbow baby decor or announcement – this Etsy shop is AMAZING and so stinking cute. I’m OBSESSED. It’s where we got that cute little rainbow pictured below!


This time around, I found out on a Sunday when Adam was home. I was a few days late and we were about to go on a long road trip so I wanted to test just in case before we left. I never tell Adam when I’m taking pregnancy tests because 90% of the time they’re negative and I don’t like making a big production of taking it, waiting the three minutes and then being disappointed again. So I went to get ready for church and took it before starting to do my hair for the day. I waited the three minutes….flipped it over….and….positive! At this point my only symptom was a late period and no period cramping. I immediately went out into the living to find Adam and to share the news!

Now, for those of you who didn’t know, I had a miscarriage last November and it was devastating. I handled the beginning of this pregnancy very differently that my first two because I had SO much anxiety surrounding the pregnancy and the fear of losing another baby. I didn’t call my doctor or make an appointment, I didn’t buy a pregnancy journal. I didn’t tell anyone. Adam and I were both SO apprehensive about everything we just decided to keep it to ourselves for the time being. The only person we told that day was my mom. I told my dad a few days later, and everyone else we kept quiet to.

It took me longer this time to start having symptoms but they were stronger than they’ve been with my previous two pregnancies once they arrived. I actually threw up with this pregnancy, had ALL DAY unrelenting nausea and more exhaustion than ever. Around 8 weeks, I finally called to make my appointment with the doctor and they fit me in that week.

My doctor chose to have me to directly to the hospital for a dating ultrasound scan on the big ultrasound machine so they could measure and take a few tests. I had to go alone and I was so terrified that it was going to be the same result as our last pregnancy. The ultrasound tech actually was the same one we had when we found out we were miscarrying. This time, though, it was a much happier experience. We saw the little peanut measuring at exactly 8 weeks, and a strong, steady heartbeat. I was OVER THE MOON. My doctor came in to talk to me soon after and told me that everything looked absolutely perfect for 8 weeks and she scheduled me to come back in two weeks later just to make sure we continued growing on schedule.

At 10.5 weeks, we had our next ultrasound appointment and it was just as joyous. This time we saw our little bean moving around on the screen, saw their hands and feet and we even caught a little wave. We saw another beautiful, strong heartbeat.

I took my blood test that day as well for genetic testing and gender – and a week later we found out that we were expecting a….


We are OVERJOYED to have another little boy joining our family. His name is Noah James and we are beyond thrilled for Jack to have a little brother. Once we found out the gender, we let our immediate family know we were pregnant. My friend Emily came over to take our pregnancy announcement photos and now we get to let you in on our favorite secret.

Our due date is officially February 17th, 2022.

We are seriously over the moon for our precious baby boy.

Noah James – we cannot wait to meet you!

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