Today’s episode chats with Megan Moran and dives into her story – how she went from a kid of a mompreneur to a mompreneur herself. She discusses the 3 ways that mompreneurship impacts your kids, how you can focus on making that impact matter and the biggest positives she has seen as a working, entrepreneurial mom. We go over actionable takeaways to helping your kids make the most out of being raised by a motivated and entrepreneurial parent. You can find Megan HERE.

3 Ways Mompreneurship is impacting your kids (+ how to make the most of it) with Megan Moran

Megan Moran is not only a Mom to 2 beautiful babies under 2, Jack and Sophia (+ her dog Henry too.) A wife to the most supportive husband ever, Collin. But she’s also the owner of The Mompreneur Guide- a company that helps Mom Entrepreneurs live present and productive lives through her Audio Training: The Mompreneur with Ease Method + her podcast: Mompreneur Guide.

As a child of a mompreneur, Megan’s been lucky to experience this lifestyle from both sides- as the child and the mom. She’ll be the first to tell you, although it’s not the easiest path, it’s one impactful decision to make for not only you but your kids too. So Megan combines her experience, education and passion to help mompreneurs navigate this lifestyle with as much ease and support as possible. You can learn more about her at



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • I would say it’s going after what you want. Hustling for one person is going to look different than the other, but at the end of the day, it’s going after what you want. 
  • How did you go from the child of a mompreneur to a mompreneur yourself? What did that journey look like for you?
    • I was fortunate enough to not only be raised by a mompreneur, but I also come from a family of entrepreneurs. It was beautiful because my mom was able to go after her passions. And just from a role model perspective, that’s really cool as a kid to see. And so from a young age, I knew that I wanted that too. 
    • I started my first business in high school. Actually, I started as a personal stylist and I ran that business for 10 years. I was running that business and it just wasn’t matching the lifestyle I wanted to have with my kids, so that’s when I transitioned into the mompreneur guide and realized I have this background of having a mom entrepreneur and being a mom, entrepreneur, and helping with that work-life balance.
  • Talk to me about the three ways mompreneurship impacts your children. 
    • The first way it impacts your children is the present. Not only being present and focused but also a presence around your children. And that can be good or bad depending on the structure of your life framework, like how you choose to be in those moments.
    • The next is that role model aspect. Again, this could be good or bad. You can be like working hard too much and not being able to be around for your kids or showing them that you have to work extra, extra hard to get what you want. Or if you can find some semblance of balance, then you have that as well. There’s that like work I to it too. Um, 
    • Last but not least, I think I would say how it’s affecting your kids is the freedom and how you use your time. You see all of these working parts and you’ve got this role model and then you realize it for yourself that you can do something for yourself and then taking action and having that freedom to take action.
    • You have the freedom to do all the things you want, but then it’s like with your kids, you’re just handed this lifestyle with no instruction manual. And so you have to figure out what makes sense for you.
  • Give me two big positives in your life that you’ve seen as a working mom.
    • I would say it kind of goes to my present and productive. It’s the ability that I’m able to be here. Today was the first day that both of my kids actually played together – that’s a big deal. And I got to see that moment. And so knowing that I’ve got the other side of it, the, the mom and the entrepreneur side of it, really fills me up too. 
    • I think it’s really important for kids to see their moms do something other than being a mom – being able to showcase that I’m a whole person, not just your mom, you know, and that’s good and that’s healthy and that’s okay. And that doesn’t mean you’re less of a mom. It just means you have other areas that are important to you as well. And that’s good. 
  • Where can my listeners find you? Where do you hang out on the internet?
    • You can head to my website, and grab my free framework. It’s a private podcast, audio training, and it walks through what I call “The Three S’s to Mompreneur” with the three things that you need in place to be able to “balance” it all. 
    • On top of that, you can also find me at my podcast – Mompreneur Guide. I also share there that I’m on telegram. So that’s a quick place that you can get real-time aha moments from me and hear what’s going on.

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