Today’s episode covers how Tu-Hien Le built a multiple 6-figure business in just a few years, right from her kitchen table. We discuss what lessons she learned about succeeding in business (+ how you can apply them right now), what role personal development plays in running a business and what action tips she has when it comes to creating value and impact to your audience. Find Tu-Hien Le HERE.

The Roadmap to Building A 6-Figure E-Commerce Business with Tu-Hien Le

Tu-Hien founded a brand that started from an idea in her dining room to now a 7-figure e-commerce business. Throughout her own journey in building a product-based e-commerce business, she has learned from mentors, coaches, and taking action. She found that as she focused on continually improving her skills and mindset, the results started to show up in the business. Now, she wants to connect with other mom entrepreneurs to pass along this valuable knowledge so they can achieve success in their business while also raising a family.



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • To me, it means all the hats that we have to wear and all the responsibilities that we have and us as moms trying to do everything and make everybody happy and making sure that everything’s taken care of while still doing what we need to do for ourselves or our self-care and our professional development.
  • So tell me about your business. Tell me how you built this e-commerce business to multiple six figures in just a few years.
    • I just discovered this real issue with pumping and breastfeeding. I’m sitting at the dining room table and just thinking like, oh, what if I come up with a solution to help pumping mothers be able to have a better experience. I was talking to all the moms who were pumping or breastfeeding and all the moms who had already breastfed just to understand their journey better.
    • And then my husband helped me develop the actual product of what we eventually launched, which is my company BeauGen. And we developed our flagship product, which is the breast pump cushion.
  • When you were starting out, what were some of the big lessons that you learned along the way when it comes to succeeding in business?
    • One of the big lessons I learned is not to be scared of failure. Failure is actually part of the journey. What do you need to go through to get to “success” and actually not to think of failure as a bad thing. It’s just data and feedback. As an entrepreneur, you have to take this different lens of like, okay, I’m going to fail, but that’s part of it. I’m supposed to fail along the way, because it gives me data points to get to the right answer.
    • And then with that failure is like, you have to have this like grit and this ability to be like, I’m not going to quit until I figure it out.
  • You talk a lot about personal development and what role that plays in your coaching. So what does that look like when you’re coaching your clients?
    • So from building my company BeauGen from nothing to a seven-figure business, it took a lot of learning, humbling of myself, and really understanding myself. In that process, I hired different business coaches, but at the same time actually worked a lot on my, my mindset and my habits and my limiting beliefs and rewriting certain limiting stories I might’ve had about myself, which is the big thing.
    • Through that journey, I’ve learned a lot and a lot of other entrepreneurs have come up to me and asked me like, oh, how did you do it? What steps can I take? What did you do? So I’ve taken on other clients to help coach other e-commerce entrepreneurs on how to build their company as well.
    • That personal development comes in all fronts – from not just learning business tactics and principles, because those are constantly evolving too. So you always have to stay on top of that, but also really doing the work of “myself.” Cause if I hold myself back, I’m going to subconsciously hold my company back.
  • What kinds of action steps do you recommend to my listeners when it comes to really creating value and impact in an e-commerce business?
    • I would say that this is not just for e-com, but I would say for all businesses. It’s like, what we talked about before is like always keeping a feedback loop in an open line between you and your customers and those who you’re serving – really understanding what they are looking for.
    • Whether it’s in survey-form or having like 30-minute or 15-minute conversations with them, a group of people every quarter, just to really understand and get a pulse for where they are in their business so that you can make sure you align your services and your product in solving their pain point.
    • You have to kind of put your ego aside and be like, okay, I don’t know all the answers, but at least I want to try to ask the right questions to try to find the right answer.
  • I would love for you to tell everybody kind of where they can find you where you exist on the internet and how they can ask you more.
    • You can connect with me on Instagram: @tuhien.le
    • My company is also on Instagram: @BeauGenMom
    • I would love to connect with you and listen to your stories and get to know you better, too!

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