Happy Thursday! If you haven’t already gathered, Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the year (preceded only by Halloween, and followed closely by my birthday). I already have all my shopping DONE for this year and now I am in the midst of wrapping everything for a fabulous Christmas morning. Gift giving (and receiving) is my top love language so this time of year it is especially important to me that I choose the exact right presents for everyone on my life and then wrap them to perfection. SO. Let’s dive into wrapping gifts 101, shall we? 

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

Now, I may be proficient at wrapping gifts but it’s nothing compared to my father. He is a wrapping genius. Growing up we always had impeccably wrapped gifts under the tree and it’s not wonder. He’s an artist and perfectionist. Needless to say, however, since getting married and officially being in charge of wrapping my husband’s + extended family’s gifties, I needed to get much better at wrapping. Here is the easiest way to wrap your presents and look like a pro while doing it.

You will need: wrapping paper of your choice, scissors (sharp ones) and clear tape. I chose packing tape simply because it was the only clear tape I had on hand. You may choose clear or satin scotch tape if you so prefer. You want it to disappear into your paper. 

Step 1: Tape down side A to your box.

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

Choose the BACK side of your box to put facing upwards for this step and tape the first side (side A) directly to the box. This will ensure there is NO slippage of the box while you are trying to get clean lines. 

Step 2: Fold side B a quarter inch.

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

This step is optional, but will make your present look professionally wrapped! It creates a sharp, straight line on the box instead of the haphazardly and/or decidedly NOT STRAIGHT side you most likely have from cutting the paper from the roll.

Step 3: Tape down side B over top of side A.

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

You want to make sure you have enough paper for size be to adequately cover side A. This is to make sure you can’t see the box and/or the non-folded side of paper. Use 3 pieces of tape: one in the center, one towards to top and one towards the bottom. Taping this down correctly ensures you don’t have any paper stick up or make folding difficult down the line.

Step 4: Adjust the length of end paper.

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

This part may not be necessary depending on how to portioned your paper out. I over estimated the ending length, so I cut off the extra bit of paper to leave only what I needed to fold. If you left the perfect amount, you are a wrapping goddess and you probably don’t need this tutorial anyways. 😉 

Step 5: Fold down to top portion of paper.

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

Tape this to the box if necessary to hold it in place for you.

Step 6: Make sharp corners.

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

When you fold down the top portion of paper, you automatically get little paper triangles on the side of your paper. Sharply crease the fold, and then fold into the box on both sides. You will be left with one large triangle on the bottom portion of the paper.

Step 7: Make a small fold on the large triangle and tape.

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

Make a small fold on the large triangle to get rid of “edge” paper like we did in step 3, and then fold onto the box. Be sure to pull tightly to create a shape and crisp fold.

Step 8: Repeat steps 5-7 on opposite side of box.

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

You will do the exact same thing we just did on the opposite side of the box. Remember to pull tightly, and really work on those sharp creases. 

Step 9: Finish up!

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

Put on a box, name tag or ribbon to finish your gifts off and place those pretty suckers underneath that beautiful Christmas tree!


How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

I hope this helps you wrap your presents faster, easier and more beautifully! I love when I give people gifts and they compliment the wrapping. They just look so stunning under the tree!

Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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  1. I am sooooo bad at wrapping gifts. I usually tear the wrapping paper when I’m trying and I just end up crumbling up the ends because I can never get them to fold the right way. I have a couple more presents to wrap so I’m going to give it a try and hopefully it’ll come out nice!

  2. This is great – I’m literally so terrible at wrapping presents – my family are usually more amused by my attempts at wrapping than they are with the gifts ha! Have a lovely Christmas x

  3. Great idea for a tutorial – and thanks for sharing! I’m not the best at wrapping; I tend to have my mom do all of them. Yes, even her own (don’t worry, it’s in a box). LOL


  4. I absolutely suck at wrapping presents haha. You make it look so easy here! I don’t know where I’m going wrong, but mine definitely do NOT look like that once I’ve finished with them ahaha. I might have to have this guide by my side during my next gift wrapping session. 😛 xx

  5. I’m so glad you say to tape the paper to the box at the beginning! My husband always makes fun of me for doing that but it’s impossible to wrap neatly without it!

  6. I love love love to wrap Christmas presents. Sometimes I have a little trouble with the ends but usually it comes out looking pretty! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  7. These are such great tips! I have a love/hate relationship with wrapping – it’s so fun but I hate when something I wrap doesn’t look totally neat LOL! Love that pretty wrapping paper too!

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