IT’S SEASON FOUR, EVERYONE! This year we are doing quarterly themes – and I’m so excited to bring you the theme for the first quarter: THE ENNEAGRAM. I basically do not shut up about it any time it’s brought up, so dedicating such a big portion of the year to this is VERY on brand. This episode is all about WHAT the enneagram actually is, an overview of the types and why you should be using this in your life & business.

The Enneagram: An Overview with Jacqueline Stevens

Jacqueline Stevens is a Yale Certified Soulful Alignment Coach. She guides single female executives in navigating their own self-discovery & deep desires so they can attract deeply fulfilling meaningful relationships. She also helps high-performing boss babes who are ready to stop solely focusing on their career and are ready to start attracting a soulful, juicy, and aligned relationship centered on love, joy and growth. She is certified in enneagram teachings and uses it to help each of her clients.



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Show Notes:

  • What is hustle like a mother to you?
    • I love this question. I’m gonna preface this with I am a mother of many things, right? I think all of us male, and female, we mother things, whether it’s plants, or animals. But I’m not a mother of humans yet. And so thinking about the mothers that are around me and my mom and the mother that I aspire to be, this is just like a really awesome question. And when I think about what hustle like a mother is, to me, it means service. It means serving the people around me, service of myself, but hustle in terms of like recognizing that I have so much to give. 
  • Tell us about yourself. Tell us about your business. Tell us about you, and then tell us how you got into the Enneagram and why this is such an important part of what you do.
    • My name’s Jacqueline Stevens – lots of people call me Jax. And my business is called Joy with Jax. And I am a coach and I support people with their self-development. I even say sometimes their soul development. And I also support people with relationships. And so those are like the big umbrellas that I primarily coach under. I tend to coach high achievers, right? So burnout, self-care, intimacy, relationship, and sexuality, all of these are like the biggest themes. But what’s so fun about the work that I do is again, just like I shared with you Taylor, it interweaves in so many different areas of our life. 
    • When I graduated from college and moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles is when I learned about Enneagram. But I became a coach about four years ago. I started my coaching journey and I went through what I call my dark night of the soul, which is where I went through a big breakup – we had been together for almost seven years. I left my corporate career. I was super successful in the corporate SE sector. And I say super successful in air quotes, I didn’t feel successful on the inside. And so I burnt out. I worked in the beauty industry. I worked most recently for the Sephora companies. I had worked for the Estee Lader companies and L’Oreal. So like big hitters in the beauty industry.
    • I got into coaching because I went through this really hard time and was like, I don’t know who I am. I don’t know what I’m doing. And you know, I reassessed and was like, I really love serving people. How could I serve people? Okay. I could become a therapist or I could become a coach. And, you know, I went through this process of just like figuring out how I really wanted to serve. And I was like, yo, coaching is all about transformation. It was all about growth. It was all about personal development. And I was just like hooked. So the last several years I’ve been building my clients, building my brand. And it was about this time last year that I really kinda like put my foot in the ground and was like: relationships – that’s what I wanna coach.
  • How has the Enneagram played into what you’re doing here?
    • I learned about Enneagram probably about 10 years ago. You know, you learn about it and then you put it away, and then it comes back out. I think for me, what I feel like is so powerful about the Enneagram is it gives me a way of understanding myself. It shows me like a blueprint of, you know, how I am, what my efficiencies are, where I struggle. And so it’s like, it’s just reassuring for me.
    • Enneagram felt special to me, and I think it felt, it felt more emotional, even like a little bit more spiritual. I think the whole methodology of the Enneagram, which we’ll dive into, but that we have parts of all of them inside of us and that we could use it as a tool for developing or balancing us out felt really good. 
    • When I saw my Enneagram, like you said, I think it was like, “oh,” and feeling the shame that kind of comes along with it, but also being like, I think for me it was like, “oh, I can finally see it clearly.” Like I can finally take the filter off. It was kinda like somebody gives you a blueprint that says, okay, you have been muddling through all of this. Let me help you, let me hold your hand. Let me help you decipher how you’re feeling and why maybe you have the responses to certain situations that you do and how you can respond to them better. And how to recognize when you’re in healthy versus unhealthy ways of living.
    • So for me, just like you said, it started as a tool for me, a tool for my understanding, a tool for understanding in my relationships. And now it’s a tool in my business. So with each client that I have, it’s like I have an awareness of what their Enneagram is. I think that’s one of the things I just love so much about my job – I get to be a student.
  • I would love if you could give us just a little insight into some of these types and give people a little sampling of what these types look like.
    • So I’ll break down kind of like the Enneagram overall, just kind of like the big picture, the concept, and the symbol, so that you guys understand who maybe aren’t familiar with Enneagram yet. So the symbol of the Enneagram is like nine eco distance points on a circle and each number represents a different personality type.
    • Within the circle, there are three different triads and each of the different triads thinks from a different space.
      • Eight, Nine, and One are our body or gut-centered. 
      • Two, Three, and Four, we really feel from like the heart. We’re much more about emotion.
      • Five, Six, and Seven – they’re more head centered.
  • Give us the little brief overview of what we’ve got going on and then we’ll jump into relationships in the next episode.
    • Next time we’re gonna talk about each individual, but now I wanna share with you again just kind of about all of our enneagrams in general. We’re all born with a basic Enneagram style. My belief is that your soul is assigned a style and it naturally comes out as you have lived experiences. So the Enneagram, I don’t wanna say it’s not shiftable, but your home base is your home base. And all of us have aspects of the circle in us.
    • All of our personalities, all of them within the enneagram are all worthy and all equal in value, right? So there’s not one that’s better than the other. I know with numbers sometimes we might think about ranking, but you know, nine isn’t better than one and one isn’t better than eight – you’re just different, right? It doesn’t matter your background, your race, your sex, your religion, your gender, all of that. Like you can use Enneagrams for everybody and anybody. I think it’s just really important to recognize that there are amazing parts of each and every personality and then there are parts within each personality that make it more challenging for us to work within community, to work within ourselves.
    • In the next episode, we’re gonna talk a little bit sexier, about romance. We’re gonna talk a little bit about perspective. It’s gonna be really good and exciting.
  • Where can our listeners find out more about you or working with you?

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