In today’s episode, Amber and I chat about the term “energy management” and what that means for a working mother. We also talk about recognizing the signs of burnout before it gets too overwhelming. Amber shares 3 action steps that you have for women in business when it comes to energy management and business growth – plus, she answers the question: is burnout actually avoidable? Find Amber here!

Maximizing Your Energy Management and Avoiding Burnout with Amber Hawley

Amber Hawley is a licensed marriage and family therapist who works with high performing/entrepreneurial couples and individuals helping them have more fulfilling relationships without sacrificing their businesses. She is the owner of a group therapy practice in Silicon Valley, wife, mom of three kids, avid coffee drinker, host of the CouplesFix and The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur podcasts. Amber originally worked in the tech industry but her love for people led her to pursue a career where meaningful relationships are at the center of everything she does.



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  • Tell us what hustle like a mother means to you.
    • I feel like hustle like a mother means you sometimes have this extra reserve. I think the problem is that we then count on this extra reserve all the time. And then we actually spend that reserve.
  • Tell us your story. Tell us about your businesses, your podcast, how you got started here, and what point of your motherhood journey this kind of all fell into place for you.
    • Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked in the .com world. I did internet operations and marketing. I had ADHD and did not know it. So that’s another big piece I didn’t find out until I was 41.
    • I ended up going back to school and getting a master’s degree in counseling. As soon as I was licensed, I was like, I’m going to open my own business. I’ve come full circle now with The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur. I get to meld all of that passion that I had for marketing and business that I could talk about forever with all of this therapeutic understanding.
    • Initially I started my therapy practice. I still have a group therapy practice in Silicon Valley. And then I have two online businesses. One is Couples Fix, which does relationship coaching, and then The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur, which works with the emotional side of business.
    • And so in four and a half years, I had three children while running my own business. And  yeah, it was hard.
  • How does this feed into your energy management and what does that mean? And how can we utilize that?
    • It’s kind of that blend of all of this emotional stuff that impacts our energy. Life still happens, and I’ve always said my ambition exceeds my energy. I have great ambition. I have great vision. And yet my energy is limited. I have a bandwidth.  And once I had children, my bandwidth shrunk, and then in COVID, my bandwidth shrunk again. And so it’s like figuring out, how do I maximize the energy?
    • Energy management to me is like really getting a lot of clarity around, what are my commitments? This is something that I talk about and teach about a lot. It’s creating your real schedule, not your ideal schedule. 
  • What are three action steps that you have for women in business? When it comes to energy management and avoiding burnout, what are the three biggest takeaways?
    • The first thing is get really real about what your commitments are. I like people to write things out. When we have things in black and white written down, we can’t lie to ourselves.
    • I think figuring out your schedule. If you’re like, oh, I’m gonna work four hours a day, four days a week. Great. But you have 30 hours of work on your plate. Well you need to adjust somewhere. Either you expand your schedule or you let go of some things that are on your plate.
    • I like to say, we delegate, we automate, we outsource, or we eliminate. If you can’t do it yourself and you don’t have the time, those are the only options. 
  • Tell us where we can find you on the internet. Tell us how we can get to know more about you, what you have to offer and where my listeners can go to hang out.

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