Today’s episode of Hustle Like A Mother, Christina and I chat all about what it means to have a drastic career change happen to you – and how it can completely change the course of you life. We discuss obstacles Christina has over come – and the advice she has for boss moms to create and live the life they desire. You can find Christina HERE.

How A Career Change Can Catapult You Into Living The Life You Desire with Christina Walls

Christina Walls is a full-time land investor. She ran multiple businesses as a single mom and until she started investing – she was really just surviving. She had no idea that a career change could make such an impact in her life. The impact was a result of the right group at the right time and the right steps. One of her biggest goals is to let others know how they can overcome obstacles and create the life they desire.



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • Moms have a lot of ambition. Once I realized that what goes on in a woman’s world as a mother, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or working mom… whether you’re married or whether you’re single, it’s all about going after what’s in your heart to do.
  • How did you get to where you were like, okay, this is what I’m doing, and this is the step that I’m going forward in?
    • I wanted to put my son in a private school – the area where we were living, I wasn’t pleased with the schooling. So I said, I need to do something where I can be available to him at any time and also make the money to put them at any school I wanted. So I started a service industry, a move in without cleaning service. I had crews and I was able to, you know, deal with the business and take my son everywhere, but I didn’t love it. What I wanted to do was real estate. So when my son started driving, it freed up my time. I started going to some local real estate investor associations in Orlando, and I said I’m just gonna commit to learning.
    • I had gone through a couple of classes and I’ve been going to the RIAs for about six months and a guy named Jack Bosch showed up one day, he and his wife, Michelle, are the founders of Land Profit Generator and they teach people how to become land investors.
    • I wanted to create a business around how I wanted to live. Not the other way around. I was able to have people around me to help me to support me – a mentor, a coach, great group of people. I never had support in any of my careers and this was the game-changer.
  • What advice do you think you have for the boss moms listening to this podcast who are looking to make their own kind of career change, but they’re nervous? When is the right time to do that?
    • You have to follow what’s in your heart. You have to find that which resonates with you. And you have to realize that these things that are in our hearts,  we’re not making them up. It’s for us to do. And if it’s for us to do the path will open up for you.
    • My advice would be to get a good support group and make sure you’re working on your own personal development.
    • You have to address fear. You have to address the things that are hindering you. You have to deal with deep-rooted issues.
    • When you move toward the direction that you’re supposed to move in, don’t resist it. You can’t resist it because of fear. You have to embrace it and make the moves.
    • I’m also a big proponent of taking care of the whole unit, not just your business. Take care of your personal life, take care of your spiritual life, take care of your body. I’ve seen so many people striving to be successful and they end up sick because they don’t have balance in their life. Go laugh and have fun. Go on vacation.
  • What is your last word of advice for women who are ready to kind of go in this direction?
    • Work on your mind frame. The mind frame is key. If you are dealing with self-doubt, if you’re dealing with a lack of self-worth, if you’re dealing with feeling like you don’t have any value… you need to address those issues and things will begin to take off in your life.
    • You also have to have faith. You have to have the courage and you really do have to like persevere through the challenges and not give up.
    • You’ve got to keep your eye focused on that goal. What you want, not what you lack.
  • Where can people find out more about what you do? How can they get in touch if land investing sounds like something for them?
    • If you are interested in learning how to become a land investor, if you even just want to check it out, visit – that will take you to a webinar just to introduce you to the land profit generator.
    • If you want to find me personally, I’m on Facebook and Instagram:

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