I’m pretty sure it’s been five years of monthly obsessions this month – which is simply so wild and so fun – and still to this day, it’s one of my very favorite things to write on the blog. I carefully curate things that I fall in love with every month to put into this list, and it’s always so much fun to see what I end up really, really LOVING in a given phase of life. I also love going back and reading past monthly obsessions to remember what I loved and revisit old favorites. Let’s jump into my monthly faves.

May 2023 Monthly Obsessions

Strawberry Festival at Eckert’s

We simply had the BEST time at the Strawberry Festival this year! If you are local in the STL area, I highly recommend visiting Eckert’s any time they have a you-pick fruit or veggie going on. Every year, we typically do peaches in July – we’ve gone every year since Jack was born – and most years we also do apple picking in September! We will probably skip the apple picking this year as baby girl is due in September and the weather is usually still in the high 80s low 90s so full-term pregnant me is not feeling it. This however was the first time we did Strawberry picking and we LOVED it. They had a full carnival going on for the kids plus the fruit picking, and all they’re yummy market foods.

Taylor Swift ERAS Tour

I don’t even know if I have words for how incredible the ERAS Tour was. You can read my full recap HERE. This will absolutely be a highlight of my life and a core memory for me forever.

Bodycon Baby Shower Dress

I bought this dress for my bestie’s baby shower and it just turned out SO STINKING CUTE with the bump. This isn’t a maternity specific dress but it is absolutely darling pregnant! It’s all stretch material so it’s insanely comfortable and super flattering. Plus it’s an Amazon win!

My Upgraded Wedding Ring from The Diamond Bar

This was SUCH a highlight of my month! I have worked with The Diamond Bar several times before for different small things, but this is my first big purchase from them. I wanted to replace the head of my wedding ring from a small diamond + diamond halo to a bigger diamond solitaire because I kept losing the diamonds from my halo (just the way the halo was constructed – there wasn’t a real fix for it), and it was driving me NUTS. The finished result just couldn’t have been anymore beautiful. The new diamond is STUNNING, and I was able to save my original diamond to create an heirloom piece for my daughter.

Poshdivah Maternity Bodysuit

This bodysuit is SO freaking good. It’s insanely flattering, so soft, ultra comfy and super affordable. Another Amazon WIN.

Baby/Toddler Sunglasses

I may be a teeny, tiny bit obsessed with babies and toddlers in sunglasses, I’m not gonna lie. They’re so cute I simply cannot even deal. I looooove these round sunnies I got for Noah, Jack has a pair of ADORABLE aviators, and baby girl already has a plethora of sunglasses and she isn’t even born yet. LOL

PediPed Baby/Toddler Shoes

These shoes have been a favorite for many years, since Jack started walking, but they just keep getting better and better. I have tons of pairs for Jack and they are so durable and supportive, and as first-walker shoes, they just can’t be beat. I LOVE the first walkers I have for Noah.

Simple Modern TREK 40oz Cup

Ok, listen. I love my Stanley. But my biggest issue has always been that it is SO easy to spill. If Jack bumps it while I’m on the couch, or I knock it over when it’s by me in the car – it just tips and spills super easily. The SM Trek cup is basically the exact same thing (40oz, fits in your cup holder, etc) but it’s spill proof. I’ve knocked mine over a ton of times and it doesn’t spill, which is great with littles in the house!

Kosas DreamBeam Tinted Sunscreen

This tinted sunscreen is SO pretty. It’s right up there with my current favorite of the WonderScreen tinted sunscreen from Dime Beauty!!! Both are so glowy and pretty and I love how they wear during the day. This one smells so nice, will look beautiful on a number of skin tones, and hasn’t exacerbated my acne at all.

J+B Wellness Juice

This has been such a wild pregnancy craving for me. I have been craving all things fresh – fruit, veggies, juices, smoothies. They’re SO yummy and SO good for baby. This is a new local spot for me and it’s absolutely delicious.

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