You know the drill – it’s the end of the month and time to go over ALL of the things I have been loving *the most* this month. January is one of my favorite months of the year – it’s a new year, it’s my birthday month, my husband’s birthday month, post-Christmas, all the fun. So let’s take a peek at what I was absolutely LOVING this month.


Nintendo Switch & Animal Crossing

Ok I am SO LATE to the switch + animal crossing craze that swept the nation in 2020 but I got this for Christmas and it’s so much fun. One of my great friends ALSO got it for Christmas and so now we play a few times a week together and I’m so into it.

Lululemon Scuba Hoodie DUPE

This Scuba Hoodie dupe is NEARLY identical to the real thing – only it’s $32 instead of $118. I have both the real one and the dupe and the dupe is 100% passable. Out and about, you’d never be able to tell they weren’t the real deal!

CRZ Yoga Flare Leggings

These are my new favorite leggings. They’re SO comfortable – the quality is super nice, they’re flattering without being restrictive and they don’t collect pet hair. A tripe win.

Connected Clues Card Game

This is SO much fun. If you like word-play games, you will love this. You get two clues like “A phrase for two inseparable people” and “Something you might listen to on a long drive” –> and have to come up with their connected answer, which would be: “Two Peas In A Podcast”. Guaranteed laughs for everyone!

Scrunch Socks

The 80s and 90s Princess Diana street style is all the rage right now and I am FOR IT. The scrunch socks are cute AND comfy.

Hatch Restore 2

I love sound machines and I’ve just been using my phone – but now I have the Hatch Restore 2 and it’s amazing. It has bedtime settings, wake-to-rise routines, mediations, white noise and more.

Eleventh Hour Sunnies

These are SUCH good quality. I am OBSESSED with them and plan on splurging on a few more pairs.

Paula’s Choice Youth Extending Hydrating Fluid

I am on my second tube of this stuff! It’s SO nice on the skin, has built in SPF and really fills / minimizes fine lines on the face.

Dunkin’ Pink Velvet Macchiato

This is so festive for end-of-Jan & February and is simply so cute and delish? I get half the sweetener on it because it’s definitely SWEET.

Baby Pink Chrome Nails

These were my birthday nails this year and I am IN. LOVE. 12/10. The shape was perfect and the pink chrome was trendy without clashing with every outfit.

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