It’s Monthly Obsessions Time!!!! Another month end (WILD) and it’s time to talk about all the things I fell in love with this week that I think you should try, too! These are my biggest HITS of the month – all the NEW things I tried. Let’s jump right into it.

February 2023 Monthly Obsessions

Silicone Rocket Stacking Cups

This was SUCH a win for the one year old! Not only is it adorable – it’s silicone, easy to clean and the perfect teething baby chew toy. It’s inexpensive and the little spaceman inside the ship is Noah’s favorite part. 10/10 for this last minute birthday gift!

Toddler Ball Pit & Plastic Balls

Okay this was technically for Noah’s birthday but Jack has totally commandeered it. HA! This has taken up residence in our living room and probably won’t be leaving any time soon. Jack loves to play in it (and watch movies in it) and Noah LOVES to throw the balls!

Quilted Smiley Face Baby Boys Outfit

I was so surprised to see this at Target! Target has really been upping their neutral baby outfits and this was SUCH A WIN. It’s PERFECT for boys or girls. The quilted material makes it seem pricier than it is and it washes so well. The material gets softer every time it’s washed, too!

Corduroy Smiley Face Hat

I love this hat. It’s so freaking cute. I have it in blue and it was a gift from my friend Chelsie!!! I LOVE it. The cream option is super cute and will match everything this spring!

Plug In Portable Charger

This thing goes everywhere with me. 10/10 recommend! I keep it in my diaper bag so I always have a phone charger if I need one. It charges multiple devices and charges my phone to 100% more than once.

Almond Honey Cuticle Oil

This cuticle oil CHANGED MY LIFE. I looooove it. I have been using it daily on my cuticles and I can already see a difference in the strength of my nails and the health of my nail bed. Plus it’s so affordable.

Ring Size Adjuster

So I bought a new ring not that long ago but it came about 1/2 a size to big. It wasn’t expensive enough to warrant getting it sized so I began the long search to finding a ring sizer that you wouldn’t be able to see when I was wearing the ring. FINALLY – I found one. It’s undetectable to anyone looking at the ring and you can barely feel it!

Handheld Vacuum

This little vacuum is amazing. There were other, more expensive options on the market I thought about grabbing but I figured I mainly was using it to clean up crumbs on my couch and car seats so I didn’t want to spend $200 on it. This one is SO affordable and SO good! It honestly surprised me with how nice it worked! It comes with a little nozzle to get into those hard to reach places and it has a powerful suction.

Wonderscreen Tinted Moisturizer

This tinted moisturizer sunscreen is a game changer. I loved the original Wonderscreen sunscreen, but now with the added skin tint, it’s a regularly staple in my routine. I use it a little less in the winter because the tone is a little dark for my pasty white winter skin – but it’s absolutely PERFECT for spring and summer (which is when you need the most sun protection on your face, anyways)! I love the sheerness of the product, it adds coverage without being cakey AND it has superior sun protect compared to other tinted sunscreens on the market. It is a sunscreen FIRST and a tinted moisturizer second. You can also use my code for 20% off: TAYLORMOBLEY20

Ella Ola Kids Shampoo & Body Wash

This has quickly turned into my favorite kid’s bath product! I’ve tried a ton of different shampoos and body washes for the boys, and this has taken the cake. The ingredients are awesome, it’s clean without unnecessary preservatives or chemicals and smells fantastic. The body lotion is also fantastic – I usually buy in a set of two!

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