AHHH it’s finally time. I am SO excited to be writing this basement office renovations post. It’s been a full year in the making to finally getting here. Adam and I have always known we wanted to be in this house for at least 5 years when we bought it in 2018, so we have about 2-3 more years we want to be here. We know we want to make a bigger jump when it’s time to move into a new home, and we hope to get one more little Mobley in here before it’s time to go. HOWEVER – this house is a 3 bedroom and we need more space. Adam and I both work from home, and right now I’m taking up our third bedroom as my office. We want to free this room up to use as a guest bedroom for now, and hopefully a nursery in the not too far distant future. That being said – we needed to add more space in our basement. Let’s dive into this.

Basement Office Renovations: Part ONE!

Check out our empty home tour if you want to see how it all looked before we moved in HERE.

Here is our inspiration for Adam’s office:

Here is our inspiration for my office:

Adam was moved to working from home permanently earlier this year, so he also needs an office space, which means that we had to figure out our basement space to accommodate two offices. Our basement is mostly finished – but has two unfinished areas: a big storage closet and a big open area adjacent to our laundry room.

Adam’s office is going to be the unfinished storage area and my office will be the other unfinished portion. We made the decision to leave our laundry room unfinished and rebuild the shelves that previously lived in the storage room in our laundry room so that we didn’t lose any storage space. My one concern in the beginning was not being able to have my storage bins easily accessible.

We called contractors in to take a look at the space and got everything mapped out. Each room needs electrical wiring done so that we have outlets and we need recessed lighting. We made the decision to leave the ceilings unfinished after seeing some Pinterest inspiration, but are having the contractors paint them so they look nice and finished. I will be adding a closet in my office so that I can do try on hauls and have a place to store my bins and boxes.

Jack’s new playroom is going to go in the space in between our offices – a big step up from a little corner in the basement living room!!! We will deck that out in the spring.

Here is Adam’s office before photo:

Here is my office before photo:

We cannot wait for the contractors to get started on our basement office renovations so we can move Adam into his new space for remote working and so that I can move my office from upstairs to downstairs so that we can have a guest room / future nursery! These renovations are going to give us so much more time in this house and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We love this house and this area and we are so excited to gain back an extra bedroom!

Have you ever renovated a house before?! What advice do you have for us?!

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