Happy Halloween-week, everyone! With the holidays right around the corner, Adam and I decided to take a leap and get a security system installed in our home! There are always package thieves and increased break-ins around this time of year and it makes us feel more secure to know that we are covered by ADT! Let’s get into this.

Our New Home Security System: how we are prepping for the holidays with ADT!

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Digital panel:

This panel is beauty and totally state-of-the-art. I LOVE how simple it makes locking the house at night or when we leave the house. It’s right in our hallway, so it’s easy to get to. I love the LCD screen and the many features that make it user-friendly. There are easy ways to hit the alarm to call fire and police and you need to input your code to set anything so when Jack hits the screen while we carry him down the hall – isn’t accidentally setting anything off. 馃槈

Door sensors:

We have door sensors which sound our alarm any time someone opens the door while it’s set – so I feel safe knowing all of our entry points are covered. There is no sleeping through that alarm if you open the door while it’s set!

Garage camera:

We already have a doorbell camera, so when asked if we wanted a doorbell camera or a garage camera that was a no-brainer. We LOVE the garage camera because it alerts us if there is movement in the front of our home and records a video. So far it’s just been the stray raccoon hanging out on our driveway but it’s nice to have peace of mind.

Fire alarm / Glass break:

We also got this add-on when getting our system installed – we opted for the fire/carbon monoxide alarm and also the alarm that alerts us when we have had any windows broken in our home. This is great because it someone decided to come in through a window, we are also alerted to that. It helps to know that ALL points of entry are covered.

The app:

The system also comes with an app and we LOVE it. We’ve been slowly transitioning our house into a smart house and so having the ability to control everything in our security system with a touch of a button on our phone is perfect. It also means I can set the alarm from anywhere, and can unlock it right before we walk in so we don’t have to hear the alarm sound go off when we open the door!


We are so excited to have this upgrade to our home – and are really excited about the peace we feel heading into the holidays. While we live in a safe area, my true-crime-obsessed self also knows that all the worst stories start with “we just never thought it could happen here”. And I want to keep my family as safe as possible!!!

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