Happy Wednesday, everyone. Today’s post was supposed to look a lot different but due to the recent travel limitations, the trip I was taking over the weekend was canceled so I had to be quick about switching around my content calendar! SO instead of talking about sunny Florida (boo) – we will be talking about working from home because apparently, that’s what we are all going to be doing for the foreseeable future while we wait to see what we are going to be doing in the wake of the COVID19 virus. Let’s dive into this.

WORK-AT-HOME UNIFORM: What I Wear To Be Comfortable AND Productive

There are days when I work the whole day in my pajamas and BY FAR those are my LEAST productive days. I try my best to actually get up and get ready for the day (this varies depending on how Jack is on any given day). When I look and feel professional, I get more done and I’m always ready in case someone needs to hop on a video call or meet for a last minute coffee date. That being said – I still work from home so I am not about to throw on slacks and a blouse, either. I’ve got a pretty good WFM uniform down pat by now. These are my essential outfits (I pair all of these with my favorite UGG slippers unless I’m leaving the house):


Leather Leggings | Quarter Zip Pullover


Grey Jumpsuit


Madewell Denim | White Tee


Overalls | White Tee


AE Mom Jeans | White Tee


Leggings | Oversized Sweatshirt


Leggings | Button Up Waffle Knit Top


Leather Leggings | Graphic Tee | Slouchy Cardigan


These outfits are comfortable AND cute – which means if I have to make a quick run to Starbucks…or a conference call…or someone unexpectedly pops over to my house, I’m ready for it and don’t look like I just rolled out of bed.

What is your favorite work-at-home uniform??

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