Happy 2022, my dear friends! I looked back on my goals post from last year and saw that I had hoped that 2021 would see a COVID vaccine, celebration with loved ones and more community with those around us. I was so glad when the vaccine became readily available (and the booster too!), which in turn allowed so many of us to commune with our friends and family again! I am not sure if there is more community with those around us – we are in such a divisive state right now – but maybe 2022 can bring that, too. Let’s jump into what I’m personally looking towards this coming year – and see how I did on last year’s goals!

NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS: Looking Toward 2022

Last year, my word of the year was “elevate”. I wanted to “lift up or make higher” all areas of my life. My marriage, motherhood, business, my friendships. I think I achieved those things – even if they didn’t look exactly like I thought they would. This year, I chose this word to carry with me through 2022:


I chose ALIGN as my word because I am working on “pruning” everything EXTRA and unnecessary out of my life this year. I want to feel aligned in every single aspect of life this year. With my business running and a new baby being born in February, I really want to be operating a smooth ship that only has room for what is needed to keep us afloat and growing.


verb a·lign | /əˈlīn/ aligned; aligning

Definition of Align: clarifying who you are—your values and priorities—and removing the noise and distraction of other’s expectations, rather than trying to achieve some unattainable “balance” based on society’s norms and values.

This is how I want my year to go. I want to clarify, simplify, streamline. I want to allow myself to settle into being a mother of 2, a thriving business owner, a good wife and a good friend. I want to eliminate distraction, noise, extra business ventures. Here’s to alignment with your purpose in 2022.

BONUS: My Word of the Year plaque is from Simply Stained Shop! She sent my my word + plaque last year, but I purchased my word this year myself! I just got the word plaque since I already have the base. You can get one for yourself here. Right now, they are running their buy an item, get a free word on wood deal! SUCH a steal!

I went back to last year’s goal list to see what I accomplished and here was the list:

  1. Continue tackling home renovation projects! We did!! We finished our playroom and two offices for Adam and I! It was so satisfying to gain not ONE, not TWO, but THREE brand new spaces in our basement. AND we decorated the new nursery for baby Noah! We didn’t get to our guest bathroom, but all in due time.
  2. Double my monthly income again. I didn’t DOUBLE my income but I definitely increased it! I still consider it a win, even if I didn’t fully double.
  3. Get pregnant with Baby #2. WE DID THIS! In case you missed it, we got pregnant 6 months after our miscarriage and are expecting baby boy #2 in less than a month!
  4. Expand Taylor Mobley coaching. I did this as well. I even partnered with a coworking space in downtown St. Louis where I get to work with dozens of amazing women owned businesses!
  5. Reach 25K unique podcast downloads! NOT QUITE – but close. I’m sitting right below 20K downloads. I’ve taken number goals like this off my list for the future though, and am working on measuring my success differently.
  6. Hit 30K on TikTok & 40K on Instagram. Nope and nope – but honestly I did not work very hard on this goal at all – see the reason above.
  7. Take a family vacation to the BEACH! We didn’t do this – but we DID take some awesome trips so while they weren’t to the beach, we still got away as a family. So, I’m counting this as a win.
  8. Wake up at 6am every single day. Welp. Fail. Nope. I was SO good at this until I got pregnant…now I sleep as much as I humanly can. LOL.

I LOVE seeing progress from the year!!! This is my list of goals for 2022:

  1. Pay off Adam’s car AND buy myself a brand new one! We love only having one car payment (that’s what we have now – my current car is already paid off) – so we want to pay off Adam’s car and then buy a new car that fits our expanding family even better. We already ordered my new one – so we are just waiting on them to call us that it’s in so we can officially buy it and take it home.
  2. DISNEY WORLD TRIP with both boys! We might be crazy – but we are so excited to go to take the kids to Disney World. Here’s to making memories with our little family.
  3. Hit our savings account goal + max out our investment portfolios! We have become so much more financially literate in the last year and we are determined to make our money work for us.
  4. Read 2 books / month. I grossly underestimated the amount I could read in the last year so I took it down, while still having a good goal for myself. I’ve already started my book list for the year!
  5. 65 peloton rides (after I get cleared post-delivery). I am SO EXCITED to start riding again!!!! Obviously, my healing is important and comes first. But the SECOND I’m cleared – I am jumping into the goal.
  6. Increase my monthly revenue + salary from all arms of my business. Every year, I’ve successfully increased my revenue and I hope that even with a maternity leave, this year won’t be any different!
  7. Double my affiliate revenue income. I am excited about this because I QUADRUPLED my affiliate earnings over the last year. I love that it’s a way for me to continue to support my business goals without adding extra hours to my day. I would love to see this continue to grow!
  8. Finally take the business / mindset growth courses I bought over the last year. I purchased a lot of courses over the last year to help my business and mindset but the pregnancy wiped a lot of drive out of me. I forgot just how draining it is growing another human! SO now that I’ll have some downtime with the arrival of Noah, I hope to get through them!

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