HAPPY TUESDAY! Today, I am going to be talking about something really close to my heart: Source Vital and their all-natural deodorant. WHY would a deodorant be close to my heart, you may ask? Because every bottle of Deozein (their natural deodorant) sold gives $5 to The Rose, an organization that helps to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as someone who personally has a family history of breast cancer, I like to take time each October to share as much as I can about it. Not only does purchasing this deodorant help keep you fresh all day long, it helps an amazing organization bring awareness and information to those who need it most, helping women everywhere. SO. What do you need to know about making the switch to natural deoderant? Let’s find out.

What You Need To Know To Make The Switch To NATURAL Deodorant

This post is sponsored by Source Vital Apothecary. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

What You Need To Know To Make The Switch To NATURAL Deodorant

They are free of aluminum compounds (which are linked to both breast cancer and Alzheimer’s).

This is a BIG bonus when it comes to Deozein. It’s actually GOOD for you. They have strong ingredients that are tested and safe and are free of those nasty aluminum compounds. Deozeins are formulated with pure essential oils, natural mineral salts and seaweed extract, all known for controlling bacteria that cause odor.

They actually DO work.

It has Laminaria Digitata seaweed extract and Ammonium Alum. BOTH are antibacterial and if you can prevent bacteria, you can prevent body odor, or so they say. Natural extracts are used to prevent body odor for both male and females, so it’s almost like a one size fits all kind of deodorant. 

It’s actually HEALTHY to sweat.

FUN FACT: your body is SUPPOSED to sweat. Not only does it help control body temperature, but it also helps to eliminate your body of toxins and all that ~ yucky ~ stuff. Trying to stop your body from sweating can actually interfere with your endocrine system in a super unhealthy way. Natural deodorant doesn’t stop the body from sweating, but it aids your body is keeping the body odor causing bacteria at bay.

What You Need To Know To Make The Switch To NATURAL Deodorant

What You Need To Know To Make The Switch To NATURAL Deodorant

You should exfoliate under your arms once a week.

ANOTHER fun fact: your armpits need exfoliation just like any other part of your body. Removing those dead, superficial skin cells not only keeps your skin soft and easier to shave, it also allows moisturizers and deodorants to penetrate the skin more deeply, so they can work better for you. In addition to both of those really important things, exfoliating ALSO helps to remove that layer of deodorant that stays on top of your skin so that you can apply it fresh daily.

Natural deodorants don’t have to be more difficult to apply.

There is a weird stigma that natural deodorants are difficult to apply and are super messy. LUCKILY, Deozein doesn’t subscribe to that theory. It’s a super easy spray bottle that makes it simple to spray on and go out the door. Because it’s made of essential oils, it dries really quickly and I personally love the “fresh” scent most. One spritz on each armpit, and I’m done!


What You Need To Know To Make The Switch To NATURAL Deodorant

I hope this helps you make an informed decision on whether or not it’s time for YOU to make the switch to natural deodorant. I realize it’s not for everyone, but every step I can take to living a healthy, more natural life is a good one for me. PLUS – if I can help contribute to breast cancer awareness, I want to do that, too.

What You Need To Know To Make The Switch To NATURAL Deodorant

Do you use natural deodorant? Tell me why you made the switch in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve just recently switched to a natural deodorant and my body is still getting adjusted so thanks for the tips, Taylor! I definitely need to incorporate the exfoliating once a week part into my routine!

  2. natural deodorant is the way to go! i have not heard about source vital though – need to try it. my fave is kopari! xx

  3. Oh my gosh, I switched by accident to natural deodorant and I’ll never go back! Seriously, natural deodorant is the way to go. I used to be religious with Old Spice, but now I can’t use it anymore. It’s crazy what that detox can do for your odor!

    xoxo Bryanna

  4. I’ve tried natural deodorants before but found that they actually dried out my skin. Maybe I’ll give this brand a try to see if it’s any better for my skin. Thanks for all the tips!

    xo, Laura

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