HAPPY FRI-YAY! I am in the throws of it at Disney World in Orlando, Florida (aka living my dream). I’ve got my mama and Erica from Coming Up Roses to spend the next few days with (aka also my dream). Be sure to head on over to my Instagram page to follow along with our instastories so you can see the behind the scenes and other fun stuff from the trip. Last night, we had dinner at Enzo’s Hideaway, did the new Star Wars virtual reality experience at The Void in Disney Springs and then went back for cocktails (or mocktails if you are me and don’t drink LOL) at The Edison. Today we are going to take a peek inside my suitcase to see what I packed for 4 days in Disney in February and how I managed to fit everything I need into my carry-on. LET’S DO THISSSSS.


What To Pack For Disney World In February

What To Pack For Disney World In February

Day #1: Flight + Dinner

I had 2 outfits for this day – one for my flight and another slightly fancier one for dinner and dessert once we arrived at the hotel.

Flight outfit: Boyfriend jeans + Mickey Mouse tee + Adidas Superstars + Sequin bomber

I almost always fly in an outfit similar to this. It’s super important to me to be comfortable (because hello, cramped airplane seats) but also look cute. I wanted to get excited for Disney with my Mickey Mouse tee (plus it’s made of ultra soft cotton so it feels like I’m basically wearing pajamas. #winwin

What To Pack For Disney World In February

From the ‘gram….

What To Pack For Disney World In February

Dinner outfit: Casual dress + Over the shoulder purse + Heeled sandals

I would normally NEVER suggest wearing heels to an amusement park. You are just asking for sore, blistered feet. However, I decided that because we were really only going to dinner + dessert (with a few extra activities thrown in), I wasn’t going to be on my feet for more than 4 hours and I risked it. Plus that dress is BEGGING to be worn with a cute pair of heels. I also chose chunky heels that didn’t typically hurt my feet to begin with – obviously, don’t pick your sky high stilettos to wear to an evening like this. You’ll be sad and so will your feet.

What To Pack For Disney World In February

Day #2: Animal Kingdom + Magic Kingdom

I DID change halfway through the day because we were shooting several locations and I didn’t want to wear the same outfit to Animal Kingdom that I did to Magic Kingdom (two totally different aesthetics). Most people do one park a day, so you won’t have to worry about that!

Animal Kingdom outfit: Boyfriend jeans + Striped top + Red keds

This outfit is PERF for animal kingdom! It’s casual, comfortable and super cute. I tried to incorporate black, red and white into all my outfits for this trip because it perfectly matched my adorable sequin Mickey Mouse ears and I obviously didn’t want to clash. 馃槈

What To Pack For Disney World In February

Magic Kingdom outfit: Casual dress + Red keds

I wanted to be just a TINY bit dressier for Magic Kingdom. We had a few fun dinners and refreshment activities planned, and I always feel like I need to look like a princess for Magic Kingdom. When I was 10, my family took a vacation to Disney World and we got to have breakfast in Cinderella’s Castle with all the princesses so for me Magic Kingdom deserves a slightly dressier outfit to go with the castle and magic and wonder that is Disney World. 馃檪 I still opted for my red keds for two reasons: 1. I didn’t want to pack another pair of shoes to the park and 2. I care about my feet far too much to be wearing heels while walking around an actual park.

What To Pack For Disney World In February

Day #3: Epcot + Hollywood Studios

I didn’t change outfits for this day because they are similar enough in backdrop that it really didn’t warrant an entire outfit change!

Epcot + Hollywood Studios outfit: White jeans + Red lace blouse + Black pom pom sneakers

I am obsessed with this outfit – ESPECIALLY when worn with my Mickey ears. IT’S SO CUTE I COULD CRY. Because it’s Feb, you can get away with capris or boyfriend jeans. It’s not nearly as hot as it is mid-June or July, and the evenings get pretty chilly. 

What To Pack For Disney World In February

Day #4: Flight home

Flight outfit: Grey joggers + Disney sweatshirt + Adidas superstars

I always like to grab a souvenir when I’m at Disney. Two years ago, I got a million pins (I LOVE Disney pins. I have an embarrassingly large collection…) and a Tinkerbell mug. Tinkerbell is my girl – she’s spunky and cute and I relate to her on a personal level. This year, I decided I would go with a staple Disney sweatshirt to wear on the flight home. I can ALWAYS use a comfortable sweatshirt (I am constantly stealing Adam’s) so it’s cozy, memorable and practical. My grey joggers are a size too big (I cinch the waist down with the tie) so they’re extra comfortable, just a pro tip for you.

What To Pack For Disney World In February

Extra items you may forget:

Don’t forget these few important items when packing for your Disney trip. Also – download my ULTIMATE packing guide if you haven’t already and keep a laminated version in your suitcase! I always like to use a dry erase marker to check everything off as I go so I don’t forget anything!

  1. Layers: chambray button down, jean jacket, pullover sweatshirt, etc.
  2. Mini bottles of face wash, moisturizer, shampoo & conditioner (TSA friendly)
  3. Headphones (don’t forget to download your favorite playlists and podcasts before you lift off!)
  4. Neck pillow (an actually game change for in-flight naps)
  5. Cozy socks for the flight
  6. Candy + flight snacks
  7. Over the shoulder bag (so nobody can snatch it), fanny pack or back pack


What To Pack For Disney World In February

I hope this packing guide helps you decide what to bring on your next spring-time Disney vacation! It truly is one of the happiest places on earth. I can’t wait to recap the entire trip for you!

What To Pack For Disney World In February

Let me know in the comments below if you liked this packing guide and if you want to see more travel-related posts!



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  1. Some really cute, comfy outfits here! I especially like the blue casual dress and the red Keds. I like the way you coordinated colors with these mix and match outfits too!

  2. I leave for Disney in 6 days! I love your red sneakers, they are so cute. Last February when we went it was cold, but this year it’s supposed to be warm so yay! I also have all of my running clothing packed because I’m doing the race weekend next weekend!

  3. Such cute outfits! Lucky for you our weather is pretty stable this time of year. The hardest is when the temps are all over the place and you have to pack for hot and cold! I hope you have fun!

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