Heeeeyyyy friends! We are now into post-baby life – and it’s been TALK ABOUT POST PARTUM HERE. And because of all of that, I’ve been LIVING in comfy, cozy clothing. I’m going to share which items I’ve been absolutely loving post-partum. Let’s dive into this.


The Ultimate NEW MOM Comfort: What I’m Wearing Post-Baby

This post is sponsored by Love & Fit. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Loungewear Matching Set

This loungewear set is AMAZING. It’s one of the ones that I brought to the hospital with me when I had Jack. It’s UNBELIEVABLY SOFT. Like. Next level. Target HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. It’s BEYOND comfortable, and it’s super stretchy, so it isn’t hard to nurse in (it just pulls right up). The elastic band is very stretchy and soft, so it doesn’t hurt my recovering abdomen. 

Loungewear Separates

This is similar to the above in terms of what I love about it! It’s not quite as soft, but still SO comfortable. It’s also really stretchy, so nursing isn’t hard and the elastic band isn’t too tight. I love the colors and when its tucked in, I still feel cute and comfy instead of homeless.

Nursing Robe

I LOVE this robe. I thought I would only wear it for my Fresh 48 pictures BUT instead, it turned into one of my favorite things to wear. It’s obviously very easy to nurse in, and it’s very soft. It’s an Amazon favorite. I love that it is very loose, and the material is gentle against my skin. It’s something that I can easily put on if someone is coming over to the house so I look cute, but still new-mom-not-ready-for-real-clothes-yet. 


Button Up Pajama Set

This is a pre-pregnancy favorite that I’ve put back into rotation! It’s a Victoria Secret featherweight PJ and it’s obviously, very soft (I’m so sorry this is the description I’m using for everything. OBVIOUSLY I WOULD NOT BE WEARING IT IF IT WASN’T SOFT). It’s a button up, so perfect for nursing. I like that the elastic waistband isn’t tight against my abdomen, too. The last thing I want to be feeling on my stomach right now is ANYTHING skin tight.

Button Up Nightgown

RT everything I said above! Button up, super soft and you can get it at Target! #lovelovelove I like to keep this one for when I’m feeling super hot because it is a little bit short on me. It’s not something I’d wear if someone was dropping off a frozen dinner or stopping by to meet the baby. Definitely an I’m-the-only-one-home kinda nightgown.

Love & Fit Guardian Leggings in Black

These leggings are AWESOME postpartum. You can actually wear them during your pregnancy but I got them too late in my pregnancy, and I was too big for them at that point. They are tightening so they help to reduce swelling. I love how they make me appear slimmer while I settle into my new postpartum body and I don’t look homeless leaving the house.

Love & Fit Cozy Up Nursing Hoodie in Blush

I LOVE THIS NURSING SWEATSHIRT. It’s SO CUTE and so easy to nurse in. I love that it’s soft and cute, and fashionable. It looks perfect paired with my black leggings or any of my loungewear tops. I can’t wait until the weather cools down just a little bit and I can wear this out of the house. I am going to order another one in grey because I know it’ll be on repeat this fall for me!

These pieces have really helped me feel comfortable as I ease into life as a new mama. I can’t wait to be back blogging full-time again soon – but for now, I’ll just stick to these 2-3 posts a week for now while I enjoy my new little baby!!

What do you wear post-baby?? Anything crucial I’m missing?! Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. You’re the cutest mama ever. I know I’ve said that a million times over, but probably just as much as you said you love soft cozy loungewear 😉 Love the pieces you’ve been living in lately!

  2. These all look so comfy & so cute on you! I hope you’re enjoying the new mm life!

    Ps- I owe you an email, I haven’t forgotten about you! 🙂

  3. You look smart and comfortable after having a baby. Congrats for being mother and I hope you are enjoying it. I loved your black lounge wear set.

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