HAPPY JULY!! I wanted to do a quick round up of my favorite small shops AND give you guys a fun little giveaway to support some of the best local-to-me shops I know. 🙂 There is just something special about supporting small, women-owned shops. I’ve shared lots of these shops before – but I’m also adding a few new ones in here! I have discovered several more since my last round up and I want to make sure you always have the most updated info when shopping! If I have a discount code – I’ll be sure to include it. 🙂


Local Foreign

This shop has amazing textile products – I LOVE their rainbow macrame wall hangings! They also have the sweetest knit baby blankets. They are just really niche and super cute.

Who is this best for? Your quirky BFF! And anyone pregnant with a rainbow baby. The rainbow macrame wall hangings are perfect for your friend who is expecting after a loss.

Products I recommend: Can you tell? The rainbow macrame wall hanging!

Paint Nail Bar

I LOVE Paint Nail Bar! This is the ONLY nail salon I go to in St. Louis. They are spectacular at nail art – the best locally BY FAR. I get something fun and festive every time I go in. Whitney, the owner, has even been a guest on my podcast as an incredible woman in business. I adore her!

Who is this best for? Your favorite manicure loving friend! They also do amazing pedicures.

Products I recommend: A gift card for a gel manicure with simple or elaborate nail art to start!

Ivy & Ash Nail Wraps

If at-home nails are more your style – I recommend Ivy & Ash Nail wraps!!! They are beautiful and fun and you can totally do them yourself! Plus, they’re super inexpensive so you can grab as many as you want. They make awesome stocking stuffers, and as part of little gift baskets. I like to keep several on hand to throw together if I need a quick gift.

Who is this best for? This is best for your favorite DIY gal!

Products I recommend: The neon pink nail wraps!

Pleated Boutique

This is one of my favorite boutiques!!! I love to shop here when I need something special or a refresh for new seasons. They always have darling new releases and the quality is top notch. Plus if you want to shop in person, they have the cutest store front in downtown St. Charles on Main Street!

Who is this best for? Your favorite fashion forward friend – of any size!

Products I recommend: They ALWAYS have DARLING dresses!

Little Lemon Candles

I’m SUCH a huge fan of Kayla’s candle shop. She is a one-woman show working to make an incredible life for her and her two kiddos. Her candles are sassy, witty, funny and always a combination of such unique scents. LLC are some of my VERY favorite candles and I have DOZENS.

Who is this best for? ANYONE who loves candles! Customize something personal with custom candles, or choose one of her fantastic holiday scents. They’d make great small gifts for coworkers, friends or spouses. 

Products I recommend: Any of the holiday candles OR her personalized name candles!

Typeleague Press

Ok – are these mugs not the cutest? I have one of these mugs with Jack’s face on it – gifted by gifting extraordinaire Erica herself. It’s so cute and ALWAYS a conversation starter. Besides doing adorable custom mugs – they have the CUTEST holiday mugs! 

Who is this best for? This is perfect as a secret Santa gift, a gift for coworker or neighbor – just a really sweet gift that would be great for anyone for the holidays.

Products I recommend: Her personalized baby face mugs OR a cute and quirky mug for the holidays!

The Sis Kiss

My Sis Kiss necklace is in my top 10 favorite gifts I’ve ever received – AGAIN: by the gifting queen E. She had known I’d had my eye on this necklace because I LOVED her Olivia one. It was SUCH an amazing Christmas gift.

Who is this best for? A close friend, sister, mom. You can personalize it exactly how you want it and it is such a special gift. I wear my Jack necklace almost every single day and it’s something I truly treasure.

Products I recommend: the name necklace! It’s seriously the perfect gift. You can’t go wrong!

Happy Camper Co.

I’m a BIG BIG fan of Happy Camper Co!!! This is one of my favorite shirt + accessory shops. I have several baseball caps, t-shirts and sweatshirts. I always LOVE their holiday tees. 

Who is this best for? Your girlfriend who LOVES graphic tees or baseball caps! The easy going girl who want to be trendy and cute but also comfortable. 

Products I recommend: The baseball caps OR the holiday themed graphic tees!

Smooch by KBD

This is my favorite lip balm brand! I LOVE Smooch! It’s so hydrating for your lips, she has dozens of scents and I love that I’m supporting a woman-owned business. I have 9 of her scents and my current favorite is 

Who is this best for? Your low-maintenance friend OR as a stocking stuffer! This would be PERFECT as a small gratitude gift to a boss, coworker or friend. It would be a great addition to a collection of small little gifts for someone!

Products I recommend: the Vanilla Mint lip balm or Chai Tea lip balm!

Olive Row

I am OBSESSED with Olive Row. I have two big signs from them – this one in my office and this one in my bedroom. It’s the only place I’ll go for large signs like this. Whitney can basically make whatever your heart desires. She took my ideas for the sign over our bedroom dresser and created a reality. But she doesn’t JUST make large signs, she also does small holiday and seasonal signs. Whatever you want/are looking for – Whitney can do it.

Who is this best for? Your home decor fiend!! Because this is so customizable, you can really create something perfect for whoever you have in mind. I would gift little office signs, home decor, etc. 

Products I recommend: A custom sign for your home OR holiday themed table decor.

The Taylor Wolfe Shop

OK. I’ve followed the Daily Tay blog for …. FOREVER. She is hilarious. One of my favorite funny accounts to follow. She is SO HUGELY PREGNANT and I’m obsessed with it. BUT in addition to her blog – she also has a t-shirt shop and it’s equal parts cozy and funny, very much like her aesthetic.

Who is this best for? Your sassy and quirky friends! I love the holiday themed shirts – but honestly, all her shirts are adorable. And bonus points if your friend is a dog mom.

Products I recommend: Holiday themed graphic tees 

Artifact STL

Adam gifted me this embroidered ultrasound custom piece for Mother’s Day this year and it’s – to this day – one of THE BEST gifts I’ve ever received. This will mean so much to the new moms in your life. I’m giving this a personal happy tears guarantee. Of course, you don’t have to just get an ultrasound embroidery! You can ALSO get her adorable ornaments, or any of her pre-made embroidered hoops in her shop!

Who is this best for? A new mom, or general lover of crafts and embroidery!

Products I recommend: A custom embroidery OR embroidered Christmas ornament set!

Golden Hour Design Co.

I have recently become REAL obsessed with clay earrings. They’re SO cute and surprisingly lightweight on my ears. Mikayla is a friend of mine and started making earrings as a hobby. I love how it’s taken off for her! BONUS – we have an awesome collaboration coming out in January and you are all gonna DIE. In the meantime, grab some holiday designs!

Who is this best for? Anyone who LOVES earrings, jewelry or handmade pieces. I’m such a fan of handmade items and knowing someone personally created a gift for you is priceless!

Products I recommend: Her holiday earring collection

The Callaway Collection

Okay – one of my “push gifts” I got for myself when Jack was born was a collection of these bracelets. Mine say T<3A, Mama and Jack. I’ll add on to these when we have more kids, and I also want to get some that say Hustle Like A Mother and Blonde & Ambitious to rep my brand!  I am going to have a whole stack when I’m done. 

Who is this best for? You can customize these to say whatever you want so you can make sure they fit the person you are shopping for! Plus they are really quality material so they’ll last a long time.

Products I recommend: Three stack of custom bracelets

The Bathhouse Soapery

Adam and I LOVE going into the Bathhouse when we visit downtown St. Charles. It smells amazing. I even have one of their perfumes on my Christmas list this year (it’s scent No.9 if you’re curious and smells AMAZING). But other notable items are …. their artisan soaps, bath bombs, lip scrubs and body butters! Plus old fashioned shave kits for men!

Who is this best for? Your bougie spa friend. LOL. But for real – if your friend is into the finer things in self-care life, gift them one of their bath boxes! It comes with a bath bomb, body butter, 3 artisan soaps, and a foaming body scrub. I’d also recommend the shave set for the man in your life! They deserve self care, too!

Products I recommend: Artisan soap OR holiday gift box!

Collections by Joya

I LOVE Collections by Joya. They have such amazing jewelry pieces. They are always unique and always charming. I have a few things from them – but my favorite is my uncut diamond ring! It’s on my right hand and it’s very art-deco and unique. There is something for everyone.

Who is this best for? Anyone who likes shiny things. They will love how different each piece feels – definitely not mass created or the same as everyone else. There is also something for every price point here.

Products I recommend: their Art Deco rings OR pendant necklaces

LaLa Confetti

I love this company – they sell a ton of really cute gifts but I personally love their gift sets. They have something for EVERYONE here! I like that you can shop by occasion or person and they have a variety of items to choose from.

Who is this best for? The person on your list who is hard to shop for! There is PLENTY to choose from and you can go a more generic route or personalize something, too!

Products I recommend: holiday gift box

Bohemian Babies

This is SUCH a cute shop for littles!!!! I have quite a few of their pants for Jack and the cutest pom hat that ever existed. Their products are good quality – and they’re gender neutral pieces that will work for any fashion-forward little one.

Who is this best for? The sweetest little toddler in your life or their fashion conscious mama! HA!

Products I recommend: The toddler joggers or sweatshirts! SO comfy!

Bloom Owl

We got this for Jack last Christmas and it was a HUGE HIT!!! It’s one of his favorite toys. It’s such a simple wooden piece – but it’s great for them to learn shape recognition. 

Who is this best for? Kids ages 6 months – 18 months!

Products I recommend: Wooden name puzzle OR Wooden tracing board!

Peekaboo Chew

Handcrafted silicone beads have been one of my FAVORITE things we got for Jack last year. We got this pacifier clip with his name on it – not only is it functional, but he can safely chew on it. We actually still use ours at 16 months to hook his toys and sippy cups to his stroller so he can’t fling them.

Who is this best for? Kids age 6 months – 2 years!

Products I recommend: Silicone pacifier clip with the personalized name option!

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