In today’s episode, Cortney and Taylor discuss human design – what it is, what makes it different from other “personality tests”, how she uses it to help her clients, and how you as a listener can apply human design to your business (and your life). Human Design is an incredible tool to help you enhance not only your personal relationships (with yourself and others) but it is also SO insightful to how you can run your business with ease. You can find Cortney HERE!

How To Apply Human Design to your Business with Cortney Ostrosky

Cortney is a human design reader, international yoga teacher & retreat leader, self discovery coach & host of the Unique Way Podcast, living in Charleston, SC.



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • What I’ve learned from human design is that it inspired me to see hustle in a very different way than I used to. I think there’s this like old paradigm way of thinking of hustle itself as burning the candle at both ends. It’s pushing and forcing. And for me, that’s not sustainable. I feel like that’s the old way.
    • The new way is like leaning into your gifts and finding the way your energy wants to be expressed and finding a sustainable system that works for you and being unapologetic about your process and your voice, and really just like doing it your way.
  • What is human design and what makes this different from the Enneagram or astrology or other personality type tests?
    • Human design is not a personality test, it’s actually this system for understanding your energy. Human design gives you this framework for understanding your energy and how to navigate life accordingly. And what’s cool about it is it is this combination of ancient wisdom traditions, like the eating, the Kabbalah astrology, the Shakur system, but it’s kind of all married together and brought down to earth in a way that makes sense.
    • From a business owner’s perspective, my eyes were really opened up after getting my human design chart, like, oh, that’s why I do certain things. And maybe I can try responding to a situation this way next time and see how it goes.
  • Can you share what the different types of human design are and a little bit about each one?
    • I love to use the analogy of a movie set when I’m talking about the five types:
      • If you’re on a movie set, the manifestor would be like the producer. Manifestors are here to get things started kind of like the producer is onset, getting things started and has the vision, let’s do it, but they’re not the ones that are actually executing it, bringing it through the finish line, all of that. For the manifestor, they are here to get things started. Their life strategy is to initiate and inform.
      • On that movie set, the projector would be like the director. Projectors are really good at seeing energy systems, trends, seeing others, and how they can rise to their potential and maximize their energy. They’re good at directing and guiding energy directing and guiding people.
      • And then we have on that movie set the generators and the manifesting generators – both considered a generator type. And you guys would be like the actors and actresses on stage making the magic happen, rolling up your sleeves, getting in there. You’re the builders. You’re the creators.
      • Then lastly, we have the reflectors. So on that movie set, the reflectors would be like the audience, they are reflecting the energy back. They’re completely open in their charts. So they’re literally here to kind of like take it all in and reflect it back.
    • I want to mention too where people can find their chart. I think that’s helpful. One of my favorites is and you need your birth info just like you would look up your astrological natal chart, but you need the exact time. This is important – exact time. So not a guesstimate; exact time, date, and location.
  • So talk to me about how you use this with your clients, what that looks like and how you help people use human design?
    • A really great starting point that I use with my clients and that anyone listening can use if they know their type is to start with the super power and shadow of each energy type. The super power of your energy type is that feeling that you’ll embody when your energy is in alignment, this happens when you’re honoring your type, you’re following your strategy, listening to your authority. On the flip side, every type has a shadow, which means your energy is not in alignment. It’s like, you’re probably not honoring your energy type, your strategy, or authority.
    • I’ll share the different superpowers and shadows of each type:
      • For the manifestor, the superpower is peace and the shadow is anger.
      • For the projector, the superpower is success and the shadow is bitterness.
      • For the reflector, the superpower is surprise and the shadow is disappointment.
      • For the generators and manifesting generators, you guys have the same, ’cause you’re both generator types. The superpower is satisfaction and the shadow is frustration.
  • So how specifically can we apply human design when it comes to running a business? What are the ways that you teach people to really bring this in?
    • It always starts with type strategy and authority. That is the foundation of which you build everything.
    • A big part of human design is kind of unlearning and deconditioning. Like all the things that people have told us that we should be or should say, or should look like, or blah, blah, blah, all the “should,” it’s just pressure. And it’s conditioning. That truly needs to be like, let go of.
    • Life is meant to be enjoyed and flow fulfillment. It’s not meant to be hard and a struggle. And I think that’s what the old paradigm model is like – that we have to struggle and it’s hard and blood, sweat, tears to get to the top. And it’s like, no, it doesn’t have to be that way.
    • I invite anyone that feels that creeping in, or maybe has been taught that from a well-intended mentor or coach, or what have you. It’s like, “Hey, I don’t want to live in a vibration of lack. I don’t want to create and invite more of that into my life.” So I have the opportunity at this moment to make a choice, to step into that mindset of growth and abundance and opportunity, which feels so much better. And when we feel better and our energy is aligned, we have more access to creativity, to creatively seeing things that we wouldn’t have seen if we were like in that head-down grind.
  • So I want you to tell us where can we find you? How can people work with you? How can they get a reading? How can you help?
    • Readings are truly the best way to fully deeply understand and comprehend your design and how to use it.
    • I think the best starting point of where to find me, is Instagram: @cortney108
    • From there, you can sign up for my newsletter and get access to my human design masterclass for free. You can also find my website ( where you can schedule a one-on-one reading, which includes the masterclass, which is over an hour-long class on how to read your chart.
    • I also offer workshops. I’ve done workshops with some businesses locally. I’ve done stuff virtually with businesses from all over the country. And that’s where it’s like kind of like a team-building opportunity.
    • I also offer partnership readings, which are really awesome. It helps to kind of create a bridge between the differences in your charts, how to communicate, how to connect, how to understand each other.

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