Today’s episode is with Shari Stamps, a postpartum doula and lactation educator! We are covering topics like: what is a postpartum doula (+ why you should consider getting one), common breastfeeding myths and how moms can prioritize themselves post-delivery! You can find Shari HERE!

What Is A Postpartum Doula – and How Moms Can Prioritize Themselves Post-Delivery with Shari Stamps

Shari Stamps is the founder of Navigating Parenthood where she offers helpful content as well as virtual and in-person support, services & classes for expecting, new and veteran families. As a mom of three with a passion for helping families, she’s always learning something new. Join the journey via social at @NavigatingParenthood and @NavigatingPostpartum



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  • Shari started in the journalism background so she was initially skeptical – but she did eventually start her own blog. It was about her daughter and it ended up being FINE but she switched gears a few years into it and became “navigating parenthood” instead.
  • With her first birth, she had kind of a traumatic post-birth experience and it became a cornerstone and turning point in her career.
    • With each pregnancy, she learned more and more that parents and mothers need to be informed about pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. Pediatrician’s aren’t trained in this kind of thing, but mother’s don’t have a lot of postpartum care.
    • Shari trained as a postpartum doula and created a program for moms to help them understand what is available out there and all of the resources.
      • She revamped her program and has invited experts into the trainings so that she can offer expecting parents a “what to expect” program and an “after birth” program.
      • She has created a tool kit that includes breath work, self care tips and baby sleep tips.
        • Shari talks about why it’s actually important for babies to wake frequently during the night.
        • The moral of the story is you need to do what’s best for your family, and you know your child best.
  • Due dates are “guess dates” – so you don’t REALLY know what to expect.
    • Shari had an induction for her third baby because she was nursing during it and it was causing contractions.
  • Your milk is actually there starting at 14 weeks of gestation – but it doesn’t actually come in for 24-72 hours because of swelling and extra fluid.
    • Shari experienced a delayed let down with her second and it was due to her 4-day induction.
  • You have to remember that your baby went through a transition same as you, so you both need to give each other grace.

You can find Shari’s online programs here:


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