HAPPY Monday, everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing a toddler WIN in our house: the Lovevery Play Kit subscription box! This is SUCH a game changer for kids – and honestly for parents, too. As Jack has started collecting more and more toys over the last 15 months,  I really started to think about how he learns and develops and I wanted to provide the best toys for him to continue growing, learning and developing. I stumbled upon Lovevery a few months ago and once we got our first play kit – I knew we’d be hooked for the long-run. Let’s dive into this Lovevery Play Kit review.


The details:

Price: $36 / month OR $120 / 3 months

What is Included: 8-12 Montessori-based toys. MOST are wood or organic cloth/fabric. Each box also includes a “play guide” – which includes ideas for how to play backed by scientific research.

Frequency: A box arrives every 3 months – just in time for your little one to need more advanced toys!

Other: There are 2 types of subscription boxes – Baby and Toddler. They are separated by age so you know which box will be best for your little one! Baby play kids ship every 2 months and Toddler kids ship every 3. This is to match their development and learning speed. The boxes go from 0 months – 36 months.

Is it easy to cancel? YUP! If you decide that you don’t want to continue your subscription, you can easily candle on the website.

Our first impression:

We were SO impressed right off the bat with the QUALITY of each piece. Honestly, Adam was really skeptical of this purchase at first because it’s definitely on the pricier end when it comes to baby toys. However: right after we opened the first box, his fears were eliminated. The quality of each toy ensures that not only with they last through Jack’s childhood – but they’ll absolutely last through more than one child.

Jack was instantly drawn to all of the bright colors and moving pieces – and it was so much fun to watch him slowly learn how to use some of the more advanced toys in the box. He is constantly drawn back again and again to the Lovevery toys – often preferring them over his plastic/music toys. A lot of these traveled with us when we went to California as quiet but fun plane toys.

Also, as someone who love aesthetically pleasing toys, I found I can even beautifully display things on his shelf and it doesn’t look loud or cluttered.

What else does Lovevery offer?

Lovevery has more than JUST play kits (although those are my favorites) – they also have a 70-piece block set, a play gym and several other Montessori-based toys. I’m a HUGE fan of the play gym and block set – but the friends I have who own the other toys rave about them as well.

Would I recommend? 

YES – absolutely! I can justify the price knowing I’ll be spending less overall – less toys Jack gets tired of after a week, less plastic and single use waste consumption and more playtime (and BONUS they fit perfectly in our playroom) and developmental learning.


I am SO glad we decided to try this box – I have been unboxing them on my IG stories so if you want to see each box and what’s inside, definitely join the party on IG (@blondeandambitiousblog). So far the biggest hits have been the wooden coin bank and the rattle ball slide. Jack can literally sit with those and play with them for hours. Watching him learn how to open each little door on the slide and figure out how to make the balls roll was so much fun. You can just SEE his little wheels turning!

Have you ever tried Lovevery?! What were your thoughts?!

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