HAPPY LAST WEEK OF OCTOBER. I cannot believe that it’s already the end of October but HERE WE ARE. You can see all of our past couple & family Halloween costumes HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE! This year, we decided to go classic 1. because it isn’t insanely hard to find and 2. I’ve gotta fit this bump in a costume. We opted for OG Ghostbusters costumes. Let’s jump into this.


Adam opted to represent Venkman (his favorite character in the original Ghostbuster series), and we put Jack in a little Rookie costume. He looked SO FREAKING CUTE and it made me basically want to explode. As for me – I was the lucky winner of being the Puft Marshmallow Man. HA!

We bought both Adam & Jack’s costumes from Spirit Halloween and I made my own because they don’t sell a whole lot of maternity costumes.

Here’s how I put it together. You’ll need:

  • Long Sleeved White Maternity Top
  • White Sweatpants
  • White Sneakers
  • Chef’s Hat
  • Pillow Batting
  • Blue Fabric
  • White Puffy Paint
  • Red Necktie

The white maternity top, sweatpants and sneakers are pretty self-explanatory but you are going to want to “puff” them out a bit with the pillow batting. I wore a pair of leggings underneath the sweatpants so that I could stuff the legs. I used thin strips of fabric to line the bicep and forearm areas of the shirt so I could stuff those as well. I used the blue fabric to cut both the neck bib and the blue fabric that goes around the chefs hat! I wrote on the hat with puffy paint. My bump made my middle plenty round and puffy all on it’s own. HA.

We didn’t do traditional trick or treating this year other than putting candy out for the trick-or-treaters – instead we opted for our church’s trunk or treat! It was a little more toddler friendly and Jack knew all the kids so he had a GREAT time!


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