Our third baby is due in 12 weeks (which is insane) and as this is our third and final baby, we honestly have MOST of what we already need for a baby in the house. If we needed to bring home a baby right this second, we’d basically have all the stuff ready to go. However – there are a few things we decided to splurge on or replace because after 2 kids, some of our stuff needed replacing. So, let’s jump right in.

What I’m Buying For Baby #3

So, some of the things I have on my list I didn’t necessarily need to replace BUT since we are having a baby girl after two boys, there are some things I wanted the “girl” version of just because we’re excited to have a different gender!

Doona Carseat + Stroller Combo

This was something I actually wanted for Noah but just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on. This time around we were gifted it by some family members – which was so nice – and I’m SO excited to use it! I think having the stroller attached will be SO useful with two other kids to also manage when going into stores, etc.

Doona Storage Bag

I added this to my list because that is the downside to the Doona – no stroller storage! But this fixes that problem.

Momcozy Cupholder + Stroller Storage

This goes right on the handle of the stroller so that you can have cup holders, etc. It’s the same one I have on my wagon for the boys! I love it and it holds my wallet, cup, phone, and more.

Car Mirror

I already have one car mirror but since I’ll have two kids rear facing, I want two so that I can make sure we can see both of their little faces in the car.

Winter Car Seat Cover

Baby girl will be born in September, so we are going to get a winter car seat cover to keep her warm when we are running around with the boys this fall / winter. My sister had one of these for her September baby and it was brilliant!

Floral Muslin Baby Quilt

I’ve chosen special quilts for all my kids, so obviously we were going to be getting one for our girl! I chose this beautiful watercolor floral quilt. It’s SO soft and will go beautifully in her room.

Pink Crib Sheets + Pink Changing Table Cover

Did we NEED more crib sheets or changing table covers? Nope. Did I want to buy the pink ones because pink? Yup.

Elvie Stride Breast Pump

I did not love my portable breast pump with Noah – I just wished it had been a little stronger – so I decided to upgrade to a fancier breast pump this time around. I loved my Elvie with Jack (the software + suction is just older on that model now) so I wanted to use Elvie again.

Hair Bow Organizer

Again, baby girl.

Highback Booster Seat

We had to get another car seat for Jack because he is moving to our third row! His carseat was too big to move back, so we got him a conferable carseat (still appropriate for his height/weight), but it’s a little thinner so that it actually fits in the third row. Noah will be moving to Jack’s current carseat (just flipped back to rear facing), and baby will be in her new car seat.

Slumberpod Sleep Canopy

I wanted this for Noah, too, but again, didn’t feel like splurging. This time, however, with three kids under the age of 4, we want to be able to still all comfortably sleep in a hotel room when we travel. This makes it so that we are able to do that! I’m really excited to try this out.

Baby Bathtub

We had a bathtub that we used for both boys, but I never loved it and it was kind of bleh after being used heavily for two babies and stored in our garage. I just decided to get a new tub for baby girl and start fresh.

Pop N Go Baby Playpen

We play outside so much that I wanted to make sure we had a safe place for baby girl to play while the boys do the same. I love the ease + portability of this playpen!

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Jack loved his swing, Noah hated the swing, so who knows what baby girl will like. BUT. I want to try the baby Bjorn because so many of my friends’ kids preferred this to a swing. So, we already have a swing, but this will hopefully be a good alternative just in case she wants nothing to do with that!


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