Happy #fashionwednesday, everyone!! Fall trends are in full swing even though it’s still 90 degrees out. I personally have been wearing fall clothes for the last two weeks anyways regardless of the weather because for me – it’s fall as soon as September 1st hits. #sorrynotsorry. I love summer, but I love fall more. ANYWAYS: one of the big trends this season (aside from leopard) is camouflage!! It took me FOREVER to get on board with this because I have never been a huge fan of camo. Luckily, it’s become a LOT more chic since the days of the large camo print sweatshirts and John deer hats of my youth and I’m actually loving it. Let’s dive into this.


Fall Trend Alert: Camouflage – HOW TO WEAR IT!

DON’T wear it on multiple pieces. Stick to one pattern piece!

It can start to look really messy if you wear camo on a bunch of different pieces on your outfit. Especially if the camo pieces aren’t the exact same pattern! Try to pick one piece (like leggings, trousers or a bomber jacket) to rock the pattern in and then keep everything else relatively simple. You want to draw attention to this piece.

DO wear it with bold blacks and whites.

I LOVED mixing these muted camo pants with my white top and black shoes. It is a stark contrast and I like that it highlights the pattern without overwhelming it. I specifically chose these pants because the camo isn’t too loud, so you almost think they’re just olive at first before you notice it!

DON’T mix it with a ton of other busy prints.

Aka: let’s not mix leopard print with camouflage print. That would be WAY TOO much going on! For me, anyways. There really aren’t any rules in fashion. IMO, though, camo is best left to be the only star in the show. 

DO add fun jewelry.

I love mixing camo pieces with feminine jewelry like a great pair of sparkly earrings or a good statement necklace. It helps to soften the harshness of the pattern and takes a typically masculine look and makes it girlier!

DO make it the focal point of your outfit.

See above where I state camo should be the only star of the show. Make this your bold focal piece!! You don’t want to have to compete with other styles or patterns when you wear camo. Try mixing it with neons or bold colors if you want to feel like you are adding a bright touch instead of mixing it with other loud or pattern-filled pieces.

DO dress it up with heels.

This goes right along with taking a typically masculine pattern and making it feminine! It’s like when women took back men’s blazers. I’m HERE FOR IT. Pair a white blouse with camouflage pin trousers and heels and you have a classy business-appropriate outfit would still feel at home on a 2019 NYFW runway. BUT – if you’d still rather wear it casually (like I am here) – you can shop these Dr. Scholl’s wedge sneakers HERE.

Do you rock the camo trend?! What are your thoughts on that?? Let me know in the comments below!!

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  1. I love this outfit so much – and love your tips too! I’ve never been the biggest fan of camo, but when it’s paired with some feminine items to “cute” it up, I’m much more into it! The way you styled it is incredibly cute, and definitely something I’d wear!

  2. You already know this country girl loves camo! I’m just glad that it’s trendy and I don’t have to go to the hunting section to find camo anymore haha The amount of RealTree camo I had is ridic

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