Tis the season for more gifting! Ha! The gifting season never really ends, does it? I love doing fun Easter baskets for the boys – but I’ll be totally honest, I don’t want it to break the bank. Easter for us is about MORE than hunting for Easter baskets, and we like to keep it light, fun and focused on the season. We usually do a church service, and then brunch and a little Easter egg hunt at my parents house, ending with their baskets. So, let’s dive in!

Toddler Easter Basket Gift Guide

So, I like to keep the budget for the baskets between $35-$45 per basket, and I typically follow a formula for filling:

  1. Pajamas ($15-$20)
  2. Pair of shoes ($15)
  3. Hands-on activity ($5-$10)
  4. Easter / Spring book ($5-$10)
  5. Candy / age-appropriate treat ($3-$5)

Occasionally, I will add a stuffed animal if I find one that really calls to me, this year I skipped them because we have SO MANY stuffed animals we just didn’t need them. And also – I love putting bubble bars from Lush in their baskets. We didn’t do any this year – but they’re ALWAYS a hit!!!!

Toddler Gifts Ages 3-5:

Baby Gifts Ages Newborn-2:

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