Hi hi hi! As most of you know if you follow me on social media – I gave into the insane Peloton craze and bought one of the bikes for my birthday. I have been wanting a way to work out at home that motivated me to actually get my butt moving several times a week. I needed something I could do from home (I still don’t feel super comfortable in gyms + I don’t feel comfortable using the childcare right now) – and I needed something that was going to be FUN. I am not someone who loves working out as a general rule. SO. After MONTHS of seeing the Peloton all over my Instagram and targeted ads – I finally gave in. Here’s my Peloton Bike review.



The first thing I want to mention is that this Peloton Bike review is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to share about my experience with the Peloton bike!

One of the first things that drew me to the Peloton outside of the fact that I have SEVERE FOMO and do not like to be left out of things (#help) was the community. Every friend that I had that owned a bike was obsessed with it, not just because of the workouts, but because of the community. When you buy a Peloton bike, you automatically become a part of this crazy supportive team of people. It was like joining a fun club that also wanted you to be fit and healthy. You get to compete on leaderboards, video chat with other riders during your rides (I love this feature when I am riding with my friends), be a part of the Facebook group. Everyone so far has been insanely supportive. There is no pressure to be “the best” – just to do YOUR best. You can hi-five other riders during your rides, create classes with your friends, join in on rides together, and more. I felt like I gained hundreds of new friends overnight. Every time a follower messages me and says “I have a bike, too, can I follow you there?!” I get so excited!

The other thing I loved about the Peloton were the instructors and the classes. I have been a part of spin classes before and loved them but your instructor seriously makes or breaks the class. I found that not only are the classes challenging but rewarding, but the instructors are next level. My current personal favorite is Robin. She is tough but SO motivating (which I personally really need). I stumbled upon her Greatest Showman ride first and then ended up down a Robin rabbit hole. My favorite class by her is the Year of Year Resilient You ride. It actually moved me to tears the first time I rode it. She has a way of pushing you to ride your best while also making you feel incredibly powerful.

I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes, right? It’s just an exercise bike, Taylor. But honestly, it’s become so much more than that.

It’s a place to ride with people I love.

It’s a place to move my body in a way that feels empowering and fun.

It’s a place to challenge myself physically.

It’s a place to meet new people and gain friends who are doing the same thing as you.

It’s a place to focus on my health and wellness.

It’s a place to grow mentally stronger as I push my body.

That being said, this bike is an investment. The monthly subscription to the classes are an investment. But if I think about how many times I have signed up for a gym and went ONCE but continued paying for the membership for years and years, it evens out to about the same. In all actuality, I work out more BECAUSE it felt like an investment for me. I don’t want it to sit unused because we paid a lot for it to be here and I feel like I can hop on the bike any time that feels convenient for me. I’ve done morning rides, evening rides, nap time rides. The 20 minutes rides are perfect because that is an amount of time I feel like I can squeeze in once a day. Everyone has 20 minutes. You get a great workout in and you didn’t lose a full hour. Because it’s in my home, I don’t have to factor in drive time to and from a gym. I just throw on a sports bra and shorts, ride for 20 minutes and go about my day.

We put the bike on the interest-free payment plan for a year because that’s what felt good to us. We didn’t feel the need to drop the entire two grand at once if we didn’t need to, and we didn’t have to worry about interest increasing the price. We put it on autopay and now we are good to go.

This obviously isn’t for everyone – but if you are looking for a sign to join the Peloton community, this is it! You can follow me @taylormobley on the app. 🙂

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Are you convinced?! Let me know in the comments below!

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