Happy Tuesday! It’s so so close to Halloween (t-minus 14 days but who’s counting) and I am getting my costume together — actually several costumes, whoops! We have a murder mystery dinner party, haunted houses to go, Halloween to pass out candy on…I am LIVING for this creepy time of year. I’ve been show casing all the spooky looks on my YouTube channel, but now it’s time to break out full costumes. It can be hard to stay…how should I say this…fresh…during your adrenaline rush in the haunted house. Not everyone was blessed with sweat glands that do their job to the best of their ability. Thank GOODNESS I found a deodorant that lets me have a good time without offending literally everyone around me. Lets. Do. This. 

How To Stay Fresh During Halloween Festivities

This post is sponsored by Source Vital Apothecary. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

How To Stay Fresh During Halloween Festivities

Haunted houses are notoriously hot and stuffy. Dozens of people all traveling through a tiny space, sweating underneath the sweaters and jackets that are only appropriate in the 50 degree weather outside in the line waiting to get in. 

Corn mazes, after you’ve been chased by zombies or killer clowns or whatever it is that’s chasing you, can get a little toasty. 

How To Stay Fresh During Halloween Festivities

Unfortunately. With that toast, comes sweat. And usually — that comes with a certain smell that can make everyone around you totally uncomfortable. LUCKILY. There are some TRIED and TRUE ways to keep yourself from sweating to death during the best month of the year. 

5 WAYS TO STAY F. R. E. S. H. 

Way #1: Dress strategically. 

Use your clothing to your advantage. Wear tops with mesh underarms that won’t trap heat and will keep airflow. Dress in layers, too. Instead of throwing on that super cute sweater and blanket scarf, opt for a light flowy top and cardigan or zip up jacket (both can easily be tied around your waist). 

Way #2: Watch your diet.

It can’t come as a big surprise that your diet effects the way you sweat (and the smell that comes along with it). A constant stream of fast food, greasy meals and soda aren’t going to keep those under arms fresh and clean, but fruits + veggies and LOTS of H2O can help that. Start changing your diet now, and by the time you hit the escape room with 4 of your closest friends, you’ll notice a difference in how you…well…for lack of a better way of putting it, smell!

How To Stay Fresh During Halloween Festivities

Way #3: Don’t bring excess weight.

Ditch the heavy bags, get rid of the back pack, and don’t wear too heavy of a jacket. The more weight you’re carrying, the more you are going to sweat. Pack light, and worry less! Bring a wristlet if you need cash and your phone, or pick up a cross body bag to swing over your shoulder so you don’t have to hold it. The smaller the better (remember: less weight is key).

Way #4: Use dress shields!

If the sweating simply can’t be stopped — you can always try dress shields! They go under your arms and catch sweat so it doesn’t leave those obvious rings around your armpit area. They won’t solve your problem, but if you are in a quick hurry, they may just do the trick.

How To Stay Fresh During Halloween Festivities

Way #5: Use a natural deodorant.

This should be a no-brainer..but…it usually isn’t! Regular deodorant has aluminum chlorohydrate and zirconium, aka: no bueno for your body. You don’t need them to get the job done. I have been loving spray on deodorant because it doesn’t leave tell-tale white streaks on my clothing when getting dressed, and it doesn’t feel chalky like most stick deodorants. Made with pure essential oils, natural mineral salts and seaweed extract, it works to keep your sweat and order down so you can keep your fun and excitement UP. 

The BEST part of this entire thing? Source Vital (the maker of Deozein庐 Natural Deodorant — shown in this blog post) is donating $5 per sale of each bottle of Deozein庐 to The Rose to help raise awareness of breast cancer prevention. October is breast cancer awareness month, and as someone who has family history of breast cancer, this cause is really close to my heart. They turned the labels pink in honor of this month, and this charity. Not only will purchasing this deodorant keep your ~ natural scent ~ to a minimum, it aids in a very important cause and helps women everywhere. That is absolutely something I can get behind.


How To Stay Fresh During Halloween Festivities

So, that my friends, is how to stay fresh during your halloween festivities. It’s amazing how much better and more secure you feel when you don’t have to worry about something as silly as a little sweat. You deserve to enjoy yourself this season! Don’t let something as little as this wear you down. 

Want to shop this amazing deodorant? CLICK HERE. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. I tried using a natural deodorant (Native) in the past, but I got red rash from using it. I did switch to its mild version (sans baking soda), but still got no luck. 馃檨 Maybe I’ll look into this one you just shared.

  2. These are great tips! I haven’t tried this brand, but I checked and it is cruelty-free, which is always awesome! I am going to add it to my products to try list.

  3. I have been using an all natural deodorant for about twenty years, as well as all natural lotion and facial care. I love the brand I use, but am always willing to try another! In fact I had to try another brand recently because mine was out.

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