We are doing spring family photos this year and I am SO excited. It’s the first year we will be doing them as a family of 5, and this year we are including my parents and sister’s family as well. I spent some time finding the perfect spring family photo outfits and color palette for our photos and decided to go with a muted khaki / olive color palette based around a beautiful dress I found from Baltic Born! Let’s jump into it.


1. Embracing Spring Color & Coordinating Family Outfits

We went with olive, khaki, and light blue as our main colors because those were the colors that stood out to me in the dress I bought. I recommend staying as neutral as possible so your family is the things that stands out! Plus I find the thing that makes the photos timeless are neutral location and outfits. Go with your base colors, and then add accents with complementary shades such as blush pink, cream, or soft yellow for spring. Mix and match solid colors with subtle patterns like florals or stripes to add visual interest without overwhelming the overall look. Consider incorporating layers and textures to add depth to the outfits, such as lightweight cardigans, linen shirts, or textured fabrics like lace or chambray.

2. Wrangling Kids for Photos:

Plan the photoshoot during a time when kids are well-rested and fed to minimize meltdowns and maximize cooperation. Bring along snacks, toys, or other distractions to keep kids engaged and happy during the photoshoot. Be patient and flexible, allowing for breaks and spontaneous moments to capture genuine smiles and interactions. I really try to choose a photographer than works well with children so getting the kids to smile is easy and we get natural, less posed photographs.

3. Choosing the Perfect Location:

Look for outdoor locations that reflect the beauty of spring, such as parks, gardens, or fields bursting with wildflowers. If you are local to STL – the botanical gardens or forest park are PERFECT for family photos in the spring! Consider the time of day and lighting conditions for optimal results; early morning or late afternoon sunlight provides soft, flattering light for photoshoots. Scout locations in advance to ensure accessibility and suitability for your family’s needs, including amenities like restrooms and seating areas. I know bathrooms are a MUST for my family.

check out past family photos here!

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