Today, Taylor and Kylie discuss the importance of having a maternity leave, and the stress it can take on you and your business if you are not prepared. Taylor shares how she didn’t take a maternity leave with her oldest son, and how it severely affected her business, and Kylie shares her stories as well. During this episode, you will walk away with key steps to preparing for and funding a maternity leave as an entrepreneur and why stepping away is one of the best things you can do. Find Kylie HERE.

How To Plan & Fund Your Maternity Leave Without Sacrificing Your Business with Kylie Kelly

Kylie is an Australian mama of two, podcast host of The Mama Means Business and the founder of The Pregnant CEO. She empowers pregnant business owners to plan and fund their own maternity leaves so that they can not only take time off to be with their new baby, but come back to a business that is thriving and profitable, when they’re ready. She discovered how to do this after two rough postpartum experiences (both self employed). When she finally understood the significance of the season and how best to prepare for it, she decided to teach other women to do the same.



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