Happy FRI-YAY, and official first day of March! We found out the gender of Baby Mobley this week….so stay tuned for that reveal coming next week. 😉 We are OVER. THE. MOON. (but would have been regardless of whatever they turned out to be). TODAY however, we are not talking baby stuff….but FINALLY starting the first of our new home tour series!! I plan on taking your through each room of our house but as we are still working on each room, it’ll be a slow burn kinda release. My home office has been the most highly requested (with our baby nursery RIGHT behind it) so I thought this would be the best place to start. Let’s jump right into this.



Open closet with vanity and three tier cart in corner

SO. I have this room divided up into two sections: my office + my beauty room. It’s the easiest way for me to keep myself organized and not have all my stuff on top of each other. I also keep clothes I need to shoot + pieces that I pair with a lot of outfits (denim jackets, hats, purses, shoes, etc) in here.

You guys have seen this set up a few times when I have shot posts in here in the past few months so it isn’t brand new but I’m gonna focus on each section, where I bought the items, and link them up for you!

Clothing rack with clothing next to window

Vanity top with makeup brushes and lotion bottles


My office is my happy place. Literally. Sometimes I just come in here and sit at my desk and feel happy. I love how everything has come together with mixes of gold, rose gold, millennial pink, white…I just think it looks SO clean and nice. My desk is set up so that I can pretty much reach everything from my seat.

I love that I have a ton of drawer space for different things like folders, important papers, snacks, etc. I keep my pens, white out, highlighters and other writing utensils in the top drawer for easy access. The grey bins and additional drawer space on the bookshelf is IDEAL because I never run out of space to organize things. I keep my unboxing items, extra makeup, extra candles, and more in here. The empty spaces in the bookshelf make it so easy to have cute decorations here. I love how it looks.

My computer fits here perfectly, as does my little office lamp for night time working and my Blue Yeti microphone – but I STILL have extra room for a notebook and my calendar to write things down as I see them so I am not struggling to write/type at the same time.

Office set up with Mac book computer, book shelf, and wall photographs


Hobby Lobby Accessories:

Target Accessories:

Blue Yeti Microphone

Apple Desktop Computer


  • BFF Picture (this was a gift – and I am not sure the original artist)

book shelf with various books on it


This is something I’ve been working on for…..approx. months. It has always been my DREAM to have a beauty room that I could create in and do my makeup in. I hate doing my makeup in bathrooms where the lighting sucks and it’s impossible to see true color. Two years ago, I upgraded to a vanity with a mirror and it totally did the job for a while but it still wasn’t exactly what I wanted. When we moved into the new house, I realized that it didn’t match AT ALL what I wanted my aesthetic to be in this room so it was time to do something new.

I have had my eye on this Hollywood mirror + lights for a long time so I finally bit the bullet and ordered it. BEST. PURCHASE. EVER. Honestly. It makes it SO easy to do my makeup and get a true look at the colors without any shadows. It looks beautiful on top of this IKEA desk set. 10/10. I kind of put this desk set together myself for my vanity – I used two Alex drawers (the same drawers as my office desk), a plain table to (the same top as my office desk) and a table topper for the extra drawer space (I put my day to day makeup here vs having it all stock piled in my drawer sets).

For extra stuff, I use this utility cart from Michael’s. It houses my jewelry + lotions on top for quick access, and then I have some misc. stuff on the bottom two sections. I have new products I need to try, extra makeup and things like that. It’s a catch all for stuff that doesn’t belong anywhere else. It’s rose gold and PERFECT for the vibe of the room.

Beauty vanity with fluffy pink chair and makeup drawers.



Urban Outfitters


Pixi Toner – Personalized

Miniature Bust Form (this was an old roommate in college’s originally – I have NO idea where it is from and it’s probably 10 years old)

Acrylic Box

Earring Organizer (this was DIY’d with chicken wire and a picture frame)




hollywood vanity mirror with lights

Fluffy pink vanity chair


This section isn’t necessarily beauty or office but a catch all for my business. I use this clothing rack to house all the outfits and pieces I need to shoot over the next month so it’s easy for me to see and plan content for. It’s also fun to put hats on and it just looks nice and chic. I may upgrade to something a little fancier in the future – but honestly, this does the job and I like it.

The closet can sometimes be a nightmare but mostly it’s great. The doors were off when we moved in because it was a little kid’s room and I guess they didn’t want doors. I loved the pink interior and the organizer the previous owners installed so I just never put the doors back on. I like looking at it! I use the center shelving unit for decorative purposes and I think it looks so pretty and eye-catching.

The clothes in here are things that overflowed from the closet space in our master bedroom. Our master closet is literally PITIFUL so I had some overflow that I’m glad I can keep in here. I also keep all my purses and shoes in here. Between the over the door rack + the shoe rack they hold about 75% of the shoes I have, I STILL have a ton of shoes in my master closet and out-of-season shoes in the basement because I have a shoe problem. #sorrynotsorry

I also keep my makeup artistry kit in here, large necklaces (see my jewelry organization post HERE for how I store all my jewelry in a more in depth post) and camera equipment.

clothing rack by window with lights and camera tripod

Bed Bath & Beyond

I hope that you guys found this helpful when deciding how to decorate your own beauty rooms or home offices. It’s been SO nice having a dedicated space to work and create. It’s a lot easier to be creative when you have the dedicated space to do so.

office desk with computer and microphone on it

ALSO: a few of you have asked if I am going to decorate the top of the bookshelf area. The short answer is no and here is why: my cats live up there. I may put a picture or quote on the wall behind it eventually – but I don’t mind the white space. I thought maybe I’d get plants or a clock or some kind of decorations to put up there when we first moved in but my cats make that impossible. They love to sleep up there while I work and I don’t want to take that away from them. They would just eat the plants, and knock over whatever I put up there so there is no point for me. BUT YOU DEFINITELY COULD if you do not have invasive animals living in your home. 😉

Do you have your own home office space? What is your favorite part about it?! Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This is such a cute space! ❤️ I love how the desk has all of the cubbie storage right next to it. I also need to buy that Polaroid photo collage!

  2. I had an office until I had kiddos. Now I have a tiny little office nook in my bedroom. It’s not enough space to do all of my blog life stuff so I move a lot of it out to the dining room table!

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