Ok – originally this wasn’t going to even be a blog post but I wanted a place you guys could bookmark if you needed to when it came to some easy kitchen pantry organization. On a whim last week I made a big order to The Container Store and scheduled a curbside pick up. I’ve been on an organization spree in the house lately because we finished our home renovations this spring – and now I’m in FULL nesting mode! You can check out our basement office renovation here! ANYWAYS. Here are the items I snagged to make our kitchen more functional + pictures of how I organized it all. Let’s get into this.

Total Kitchen Pantry Organization

NOTE: before starting this I decided I would be getting rid of all boxes. Everything would be put into clear bins / boxes / bowls etc. to make things look cleaner and take up less space.

Pantry Organization

I have been really hating our pantry lately. It’s VERY small (one of the downsides of my kitchen – which I actually love for the most part). The pantry, however, is paltry. It’s got weirdly deep shelves, a slanted bottom floor, and it’s shoved right up against my garage door. I knew I needed some REALLY good organizing tools to make this space actually workable. It usually ends up a total cluttered mess right after grocery shopping. We’d forget about food we had, things would go bad, we just couldn’t see everything.

Here are the items I purchased to help:

THE HOME EDIT T.H.E. Modular All-Purpose Bin Clear

THE HOME EDIT T.H.E. Large Canister 2.5 qt. Clear

THE HOME EDIT T.H.E. Divided Turntable Clear

madesmart Expandable Shelf Organizer White

Cabinet Organization

My cabinets have ben a nightmare forever – specifically the spices. I have an on-the-counter spice rack we got for our wedding with all my basic spices but for the rest of my miscellaneous spices, they were all rolling all over the place and making a mess. I finally invested in a clear turntable for my little spices and a pull-down spice rack for my tall spices. In my baby food section – I used the expandable shelf organizer to stack his baby food containers/pouches neatly, and then used a little clear bin to hold his yogurt drop, wafers and puffs.

Pull Down Spice Rack White

madesmart Expandable Shelf Organizer White

THE HOME EDIT T.H.E. Turntable Clear

Under-the-sink Organization

This was TRAGIC – seriously. Under my sink has been a nightmare for…..literally ever. I had plastic grocery sacks (I’ve since switched to reusable bags, but these are left over), all my cleaning supplies, dishwasher detergent, candles, etc. I needed something to house all my cleaning supplies and separate it from my dishwasher detergent.

SO – I grabbed the under sink storage caddy which TOTALLY changed my life for a few reasons: 1. it’s portable with a nice carrying handle. I can put ALL my cleaning supplies in it and carry it around with me when I’m cleaning my house. I no longer have to try to hold everything and stumble around with it room to room, it’s organized neat and comes with me! 10/10. The mesh drawer organizer is perfect because the lower drawer holds my misc. items (wall plug ins, dusters, etc.) and the top drawer has all of my dishwasher supplies.

Polder Undersink Storage Caddy Grey

2-Drawer Mesh Organizer Silver

I hope this helps you guys get a handle on some of your kitchen organization. I’m going to tackle my drawers next – and I’ll be adding to this post as I go. I highly recommend adding this to your bookmarked pages if you want to come back to it when I add new things. I’ll update my IG story highlights when it’s updated – so be sure to follow me @blondeandambitiousblog!

How do you like to organize your kitchen?! Let me know below!

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