Happy November, everyone. I cannot believe we are already at the end of the year. Noah is almost a year old now (and honestly excuse me while I go throw up because WOW time is a thief) and Jack is already three and a half. Our sweet oldest is so fun in SO many ways but my favorite thing about this age right now is just how much we can see his little personality shining through. He has very strong likes and dislikes – and one of his current faves? The Octonauts! We have the theme song on repeat in the car and it’s one of his go-to tv shows. When we found out Walmart was carrying a bunch of the action figures, I’ll let you guess where we headed.


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This playset is absolutely adorable and really lets your kiddos pretend they’re in the show with all their favorite characters! The playset lights up, has 25+ sounds, and several of the well-known Octonauts phrases. Plus, the set comes with a Captain Barnacles figurine and 3 sea creatures.


We love the Octopod!! This play set is a little smaller than the Octoray, and is perfect for your Octocrew!! Set comes with a net launcher, claw and spyglass plus a Captain Barnacles figurine and sea creatures!


These are Jack’s personal faves because they are easy to transport and perfect for little hands! Collect them all to get all your favorite characters. Plus – each set includes a mission card with a mission your Octonaut needs to complete!


These adventure packs are awesome because they are based on scenes from popular Octonaut episodes – so diehard fans will know exactly what mission they need to complete from the packaging! They can play out their quest with their figurines in their own home!


For our stuffed plush lovers, the Octonauts Crew plush figures will be the biggest hit! They are the perfect story time buddy and you can collect all 4 to create your own adventures.

You can find the Octonauts toys in all Walmart locations! Happy gift hunting!

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