Well – here we go! It’s been SUPER hard not to spill the beans about Baby Mobley’s gender. We are OVER THE MOON excited to announce:


Surprise! I have felt like baby was a boy from the moment that we took our pregnancy test practically (check out our baby announcement + first trimester recap HERE if you missed it). Adam was a little more on the fence with having a gut feeling – but I just knew that our little one was a boy. I won’t say 100% – because there were times I thought “well, maybe…” – but overall, I really did just have a funny feeling this little one was a little man. 

Baby Gender Reveal – WHAT IS BABY MOBLEY??

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Baby Gender Reveal - WHAT IS BABY MOBLEY??


My whole life, I’ve wanted girls. I only had a sister, and my entire extended family is full of girls. I love pink and bows and frills and makeup. I’m a VERY girlie girl. But for some reason, when I felt like I was having a boy – I was really, really excited (of course – we would have been excited no matter WHAT the gender of our baby was as long as they were healthy and whole). I had hyped ourselves up so much for boy that I think my reaction may have been a little delayed if they said girl! LOL

I am so excited to see Adam as a boy dad. I’m excited to see them bond, and to watch them grow together. It’s so much fun to imagine our little guy as a toddler and kid hanging out with his dad. Adam will be a natural with him. 

I love the idea of little suits, and bow ties and dinosaurs. I am excited because everyone always says how wonderful having boys are. That they are wild and crazy and dirty but they love so much (and I’m secretly hoping he loves his mama more than anyone else. LOL) 

Baby Gender Reveal - WHAT IS BABY MOBLEY??

Baby Gender Reveal - WHAT IS BABY MOBLEY??

Baby Gender Reveal - WHAT IS BABY MOBLEY??

It’s so funny because most of my symptoms have been very “girl”. I have had HORRIBLE acne, baby boy’s heartbeat was above 150, terrible morning sickness, carrying “high”. In fact, my only “boy” symptom so far has been salty food cravings! So it just goes to show you that those wives tales don’t have all the answers.

Our 20-week anatomy scan went off without a hitch last week. Aside from finding out baby’s gender – we also got to take a look at all his precious little body parts! He was SUCH a wiggle worm. Baby boy could hardly sit still to be measured, so it took a little longer for us to make sure we had everything accounted for. He was constantly flipping around and stretching (which makes sense because I’ve been feeling him really move for the last 2 weeks and this week I have definitive KICKS). It was love at first sight for Adam and I watching him on the screen. He has the absolute sweetest profile of any baby I’ve ever seen in my whole life. When we finally did get him to settle down a bit, we counted all his baby toes and fingers (10 for each, thank goodness), looked at his legs and arms, saw his little mouth pucker and purse. All of his organs look to be in place and growing normally. AND he weighed 13 ounces, so he is a bit ahead of schedule weight-wise. He’s beautiful and healthy as of right now and we are feeling very blessed. 

Now, it’s time for us to work on his name (we still can’t decide) and get the nursery baby ready! We are SO excited to welcome our sweet, handsome boy in July. <3

Baby Gender Reveal - WHAT IS BABY MOBLEY??

Baby Gender Reveal - WHAT IS BABY MOBLEY??

Baby Gender Reveal - WHAT IS BABY MOBLEY??

Baby Gender Reveal - WHAT IS BABY MOBLEY??


We used Chameleon Colors for our blue powder explosion! They are SO easy to work with and are the same powders as are used in color runs so they’re totally safe and non-toxic. The powder only costs $17.95 so it is a fairly inexpensive option for gender reveal. They send both colors, so you can have a family member surprise you if you want before you know the gender!

We opted to throw it in the air together and blow the powder towards the camera for this shoot. We were originally going to use a fan and have the powder blowing behind us (a GREAT option and one that isn’t used very often) – but we got an unexpected snow storm overnight and couldn’t plug the fan in the outlet with wet snow without fear of electrocution. #fail I think the powder used like we did in the images here was still REALLY cute and fun. Adam and I had a great time (when we forget how freezing we were….ugh. Is it spring, yet?) throwing it at each other and getting it all over our clothes. It photographs beautifully and falls slowly so your photographer (or friends) can capture the magic of the reveal. Chameleon Colors also offer blasters for a limited time (you can see it above) to spray color out of a can. I loved the way the powder fell on top of us when we used this method. Not pictured in this shoot are their black out bags of gender reveal powder. If you plan on being surprised with your gender – unlike us – this is the PERFECT option. The bags are completely black so there is no sneak peeking that color, and you and your S/O or family/friends can all reach in and throw it into the air together for that reveal surprise!! Overall – this was a fun, easy and beautiful way to capture the announcement of our sweet baby boy! 


Baby Gender Reveal - WHAT IS BABY MOBLEY??

Baby Gender Reveal - WHAT IS BABY MOBLEY??

Overall – we are beyond thrilled to be welcoming this sweet boy into our family. I think it’s so much fun to have a boy first (I always wanted an older brother) and I am thrilled to be immersed into this unknown world of BOY. We already love him more than we could have ever thought possible – and he is going to be such an adored little guy.

So was your prediction right?!?! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!!

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  1. I’ll be honest – I thought it’d be a girl! Hehe! But I am just SO DANG excited for you two! You’ll love having a boy. I have two nephews and they’re my world. I’m honestly better with boys now even though I’m a mega girly girl too hehe. Congrats you two!!

  2. Boy .. Boy .. Boy … I just love baby boys and “BOY” do they love their mommas!!!! I thought it would be a boy and about dang time I absolutely adore my sweet baby girls and am definitely 100 percent glad they are girls but finally a baby boy to add to our enormously girl laden family! Wahoo – blue – blue – blue!!!! Cant wait to hold and hug our sweet new boy! Love you all Auntie Cheryl!

  3. Oh my gosh this is so cute! I wanted a girl so bad because I’m so girlie but I had my beautiful baby boy in December and I can’t imahine it any other way! Congrats!

  4. Aww congrats! How exciting! This is such a cute gender reveal idea – love the black and white image too!

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