HAPPY HUMP DAY AND ALSO #FASHIONWEDNESDAY. WOOOOOOHOOO. It has totally been one of those weeks that just doesn’t seem to end, amiright?? Or maybe you are having the world’s best week and can’t believe we are already three days in! ANYWHO…today I want to share with you my Valentine’s Day #OOTD and also 5 ways to Date Yourself on V-Day. Because even though your S.O. may spoil you to pieces, sometimes we need to remind ourselves how awesome we are. 

5 Ways to Date Yourself.

Self love can be hard. Around Valentine’s Day, sometimes it can be EXTRA hard, especially if you don’t have a significant other to hug and kiss on. For my ladies who are kicking it single this year, this one is for you. For my ladies who are happily in a relationship or married, this one is ALSO for you. For my ladies who may or may not have a boyfriend because you haven’t put a label on it / have only been on a few dates, you guessed it, this is for you, too. No matter what our Facebook relationship status says, it is healthy and important to remember to date ourselves. 

5 Ways To Date Yourself

WAY #1: Get dressed up. 

I don’t know about you, but when I get up and spend an extra HOUR putting makeup on my face, it sure as HECK isn’t to impress anyone who can tell me the difference between ABH and TooFaced cream contour. I put makeup on for my dang self so that when I look in the mirror, I think, “HOT DANG. OKAY. GET IT GIRL”. So slap on that bold lip, lady. Do it FOR YOU!

5 Ways To Date Yourself

WAY #2: DON’T get dressed up.

Don’t be too shocked…but SOMETIMES I go to the store in an old t-shirt and yoga pants, socks that don’t match and a messy bun. I do it because some days it is hard to get up and get ready and feel pretty. It isn’t because my husband doesn’t tell me enough (because, trust me, he does. #godblessA). It’s because maybe I’m on my period and I’m bloated and I’m sore. Or maybe I’m just having a rough skin day and I need to let my face breathe so I don’t make it worse. Or maybe, I got up and decided to give myself a break and relax. Who cares why! Let yourself NOT dress up. That’s okay, too. Grab that pint of Ben & Jerry’s and slap a face mask on. Relax, girlfriend. You got this.

5 Ways To Date Yourself

WAY #3: Learn something new about yourself.

This one is a big one recently for me. I am in this awesome stage of self discovery. I find out all the time I have skills I had NO idea I was good at or even had a desire to do. I am learning constantly. It is funny because I feel like right now, having graduated college and gotten married, I’m learning more about my own self than I ever have before. I’m becoming BFF’s with me. I’m reading books I never would have picked up before, finally figuring out how to play the guitar that I’ve had for 8 years. Give yourself a chance to discover YOU. Play 20 questions with yourself and actually real life answer honestly.

5 Ways To Date Yourself

WAY #4: Treat yo’ self.

Buy that bold lippy. Take that little vacation. Finally get a pedicure. Whatever it may be, treat yourself every once in a while. It’s okay to like to get a massage professionally done every few months, or get a facial if you have the time. While some of these things aren’t going to be every week situations, it’s okay to put a little money aside for a pick-me-up whenever possible. Mental and emotional health are just as real as physical health.

5 Ways To Date Yourself

WAY #5: Peace out, negativity.

STOP TALKING BADLY ABOUT YOURSELF, LADIES. I AM SO SERIOUS. UGH. UGH. UGH. Stop pointing out every single flaw. It isn’t fair to your own self. Look in the mirror and pick out things you LOVE. Confidence and cockiness are NOT the same, even though people may try to tell you they are. Accept compliments and actually agree with them. Say five nice things to yourself in the morning and five nice things at lunch and five nice things before bed. Remind yourself that you have beautiful eyes, or that you are an extremely good listener, or that you make people laugh. 

5 Ways To Date Yourself


Ladies, I could go on and on and on about ways you can date yourself this Valentine’s Day, but hopefully these are a good start. I am the biggest girl power advocate EVER. Get out there and kick butt being YOU. Our individuality is what makes us amazing. 

5 Ways To Date Yourself

I find myself counting my blessings and loving myself a little more every day. I have finally surrounded myself with girls that I consider to be the best #girlbosses I could have ever asked for. Strong, smart, funny and unceasingly kind, they are completely amazing. Find your own little group of strong women to look up to and learn from. I promise it makes a difference. 


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  1. Oh, I love this! And you’re totally right–it’s important to practice self-love… though I know this time of year the focus often shifts to being in a relationship, but I always think you can’t REALLY be happy with someone else if you haven’t learned to love yourself <3


    I love your outfit here. Very cute pics!!

  2. Treating myself is one of my favourite things to do. LOL! Number #3 really resonated with me though – getting to know yourself. I’m impatient and little things can ruin my day that others would just shrug off. I have learned some coping mechanisms that have really helped me. Through this, I learned that I am an anxious person and just need to focus on the fact that usually – everything will be ok and little nuisances aren’t worth getting worked up over.

    Great post! Thanks for this!

  3. Such a great post 🙂 I am married so I have someone to celebrate but if I would single I would definitely treat myself that day 🙂 I would get dress and I would
    Go shopping 🙂

  4. Love your dress! Those shoes would look great with a dress I have in my closet that I’m waiting to wear for a special night.

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