Happy Thursday, kids! It is officially November, the month of gratitude. I often find that I struggle with stepping back and being thankful for everything that I have. I’m constantly moving and changing and forget to say thanks for the amazing people and experiences I have in my life. I know that many people have this same problem, so let’s work on breaking it together! I put together a 30 day thankfulness challenge for us to at the same time, so we can hold each other accountable. Let’s DO this.

30 Day Thankfulness Challenge

30-Day Thankfulness Challenge

Here’s the challenge: Grab a journal, your phone notes, word on your computer…..etc. Anything you can write on and make sure you write down EVERY day. Look over it each morning and add to it. I recommend you write it down on a piece of paper, and put this list somewhere you are sure to see it daily. You need to be reminded of all of the amazing things in your life, because there are SO many, even when it seems like there aren’t.

Day 1: What unexpected blessing are you thankful for? 

This can be something in the last year, in your life, in the last week…you can be creative here and interpret it how you’d like.

We already passed this one — so just do Day 1 & 2 together to get caught up. 馃檪 

Day 2: What friend(s) are you grateful for?

You don’t have to pick just one. I know I can’t! I made a sweet little list of all my wonderful friends and texted each of them letting them know how much they mean to me. Do the same for your friends!

Day 3: What childhood lesson are you thankful for?

This is a tough one. Think long and hard. Even if you didn’t have a picture-perfect childhood, there is definitely something you can be thankful for learning. 

Day 4: What Christ-like attribute are you grateful for?

Feel free to replace this with something else if you aren’t religious. But for those of us that are, pick an attribute of Christ you are grateful for. Love, forgiveness, patience…I am thankful for many.

Day 5: What family member(s) are you grateful for today?

Do the same with your friends — shoot a message over to your fambam and let them know how much you love them. 

Day 6: What provision are you thankful for?

Think hard – there are so many! Write multiple if you want!

Day 7: What traditions are you thankful for?

I have so many fun ones I love. My family has always been great at sticking with fun traditions!

Day 8: What song are you thankful for?

Too many to count. Choose one that really strikes a chord (pun intended) with you.

Day 9: What memory are you grateful for?

Think back. Choose a good one. If it makes you smile automatically just by thinking of it, you know you’ve found a winner. 馃檪

Day 10: What book are you thankful for?

I’m a HUGE reader so I have several. The Shack is the first one that comes to find.

30-Day Thankfulness Challenge

Day 11: What talent are you grateful for?

This can be hard for some people, but don’t sell yourself short. You are AMAZING.

Day 12: What part of technology are you grateful for?

My laptop for sure……. #whoops

Day 13: What charity or foundation are you thankful for?

There are several that are so close to my heart. One day I’d love to be able to regularly donate to all of them.

Day 14: What silly moment are you thankful for?

Every moment with my husband 馃槈 

Day 15: What surprise have you been grateful for?

This is hard because I’m kind of difficult to surprise…and I don’t usually like them. But think of something! 

Day 16: What location are you thankful for?

Your home? A summer cabin? The ocean?

Day 17: What act of kindness are you grateful for?

Any act of kindness. From a friend, from a stranger, from a loved one.

Day 18: What product are you grateful for?

Beds. I’m really thankful for beds. And pillows. And blankets….

Day 19: What teacher are you thankful for?

I’ve been lucky to have great teachers. Church teachers, school teachers, life teachers. Any kind of teacher will suffice. 

Day 20: What room in your home are you thankful for?

My office is a good one. But each room has something special that I’m grateful for.

30-Day Thankfulness Challenge

Day 21: What part of your day are you thankful for?

Morning snuggles with my husband, lunch time, evening snuggles with my husband. 

Day 22: What household task are you grateful for?

This could be anything, but think of household tasks that prove you have something to be thankful for. Cleaning the kitchen because it means you have a  place to hold and prepare food for you and your family, making the bed because it means you have a warm place to sleep, dusting the ceilings because it means you have a roof over your head….

Day 23: What happened today that you are thankful for?

You may want to save this for the end of the day so you can really assess what you’re thankful for!

Day 24: What ordinary object makes you grateful?


Day 25: What struggle are you grateful for?

This is a tough one. It may be something current, or something you’ve already come out of on the other side.

Day 26: What change in your life are you thankful for?

This is also a tough one. I don’t love changes, so I will need to think long and hard for this.

Day 27: What promise are you thankful for?

The promise of marriage for eternity with my husband comes to mind.

Day 28: What reason for laughter are you grateful for?

My kittens, my family, my husband. 馃檪 It doesn’t even have to be people related. A funny movie, a comedian, a video on your Facebook feed.

Day 29: What meal are you thankful for?

It does NOT have to be Thanksgiving. But mine probably will be.

Day 30: What personal trait or aspect of your personality are you grateful for?

Again — much like the talent thankfulness, you may have to think about this. It’s OKAY to be thankful for yourself. If you are having trouble with self-love, be sure to take my self love challenge too, since we are in a challenge mood. Find it HERE.


30-Day Thankfulness Challenge

I hope you enjoyed this challenge. Be sure to pin it for later so you can keep coming back to it. I will be documenting each day on my Instagram stories, so follow me to read along and keep yourself accountable!


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  1. I love this! I actually started one of these on my FB personal page yesterday and will be posting one each day for the entire month. You just gave me some more ideas that I needed for the end of the month!

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