Okay, this month has been ALL about my crazy pup – but I couldn’t let October end without sharing my sweet kitties (and more fun treats from Solid Gold)! In honor of National Cat Day, I’m sharing about how we celebrate National Cat Day AND some of my favorite cat products from Solid Gold! If you didn’t know – I have two cats! Isabel and Chester. Isabel was rescued from a shelter in 2017 on Valentine’s Day, and Chester came into our live 6 months after that when I found him in stuck in a bush outside of our home. They’re best buds and the sweetest pair. Total opposites in personality and we couldn’t love them more.

National Cat Day – Celebrating with Solid Gold!

This blog is sponsored by Solid Gold Pet. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Did you know this day was originally created to bring awareness to the number of cats that need rescued from shelters each year? So – how can we support shelters this time of year?!

1. Adopt a cat!

a. If you are in the market for a new furry friend, now is the perfect time to take home your newest member of the family. Shelters are notoriously stocked for the holidays due to people surrendering their older pets in favor of new ones. Bonus points if you give one of the older pets a home! Solid Gold has some great tips on adopting mature pets here!

2. Donate to your local shelter!

a. I like to donate supplies or money to shelters this time of year. The shelters get chilly, so I donate all of our old towels to keep the animals warm. My friends at Solid Gold love to donate food to improve the gut health of shelter pets before they find their forever home.

3. Volunteer at your local shelter!

a. This is even better! Shelters are always short of hands – so lend one of yours this season! Offer to clean the cages or litter boxes. You can even volunteer just to play with the cats and give them socialization.

4. Post about National Cat Day on social media!

a. I love this! Use this time to share on social media about your favorite shelters and bring awareness to their cause. Every like, comment and share helps! (Remember to use #NationalCatDay!)

Our favorite Solid Gold cat treats are the SeaMeal Squeeze! Why do we love these?! Because these easy-to-feed cat treats have fiber-rich seaweed that aids in the health of the digestive tract, PLUS flaxseed for a healthy coat and skin. Chester in particular goes absolutely insane for the treats. We choose to offer it on a little spoon as a treat between meals, but you can serve it

directly on top of the food as well. Either way, your cat is going to be THRILLED with the outcome. There are two flavors – chicken and tuna. Our house has two particular fans of the tuna.

You can grab the SeaMeal Squeeze HERE and get a coupon code for 20% OFF using THIS CODE: 20SEAMEAL

We love our sweet kitties, and we’d do anything for them! Who knew when they started out a little skinny strays that they’d become the most spoiled house cats in the whole world, right!? We love celebrating this day for them – and they’ll definitely be getting treats from us all day long. 😉 How do you celebrate #NATIONALCATDAY?!

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