This month had SO many fun additions to my regular favorites – nails I’ve loved, kid products I now swear by, drinks I’m loving! It’s always so tough to narrow down my favorites to just 10. Check them all out below and let me know what you are loving this month on instagram or in the comments below!


Blue French Tips

I’ve always loved French tips – but I’m loving them even more when they’re paired with fun summer colors. This mani was the perfect intro to summer! I have been loving Voncii Nail Bar in O’Fallon but if you are closer to St. Louis – I highly recommend Paint Nail Bar!

Target Pillowfort Kids Dinnerware Set

I snagged these the other day at Target because they’re only $2 / piece and it’s nice to have a few different options for toddler-proof plates. They come in tons of different colors and patterns so you can pick the perfect ones for your kiddos.

Inked Beauty Bar Teeth Whitening

I had my microblading touched up a few weeks ago and also had their teeth whitening service done. It was quick and easy and Ingrid did an incredible job. I loved the results and would absolutely recommend to anyone in the St. Louis area.

Panera Charged Lemonade

Y’ALL. This was a game changer this month. Noah is in a sleep regression so tired is an actual understatement. This is Panera’s version of a refresher and it’s delicious. It has 200mg of caffeine which is typically too much for me but I drink it slowly during the day and it doesn’t bother me as much. My personal favorite flavor is the Strawberry Lemon Mint!

Amazon Crop Tanks

I have been LOVING these for my walks with the boys and for working out! They’re super cute and very comfortable. Plus, they’re an amazon prime find! They’ve so far held up well through the wash multiple times and didn’t seem to shrink a crazy amount even though they’re cotton.

Stanley 40oz Cup

Getting this cup was a WHOLE THING. It sells out every single time. I went in on an order with a couple girlfriends so that we only had to wait in line one time and even though we had to switch our ideal colors a few times as things were selling out, we did finally get our order through. The $40 was totally worth it – I’ve been using it every day. I love that it has 40oz and a handle. I’ve been drinking way more water and I love that it still fits in my car and stroller cup holders.

Lovevery Play Gym

This play gym is fantastic! We had a cheap one for Jack when he was a baby, and splurged a bit for this one. I love that you can use it with or without the tent cover and that you can switch out the toys that can hang from the bars. Plus, each edge of the mat as a different sensory experience!

FUNBABY Kiddie Pool

This was such an awesome find! It is thicker rubber than the other kiddie pools we’ve bought in the past, as well as being taller and wider. The material is well made and resistant to tears and pops. We’ve had it put up for the last few weeks now that it’s hot outside and Jack is loving it!

Sensory Bins

SO I am not gonna lie – I did not get the hype for these in the beginning. I didn’t understand the point of them or how they could keep a kids attention for longer than a few moments. Color me impressed, though, because I picked one up on a whim at a farmers market and I was totally proven wrong! Jack can sit and play with his box for 30-45 minutes at a time and for some reason, he loves that they all go together. We pack it all up when he’s done and keep it together for the next play time.

Versed Skincare

I am SO impressed with this skincare. I started using it about a month ago as a breastfeeding safe alternative to my typical routine. I use their acne face wash, their spot treatment, clarifying serum and their dewy face moisturizer along side of my SPF, acne serum and night time moisturizer.

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