Happy Tuesday, fam! I meant to upload this on a Wednesday, but pregnancy brain has me all crazy so today it is! LOL. I love jumpsuits (I had two from last summer I am STILL obsessed with….lowkey can’t wait until I fit back into those) – so when I found this Motherhood Maternity jumpsuit for pregnant ladies like me – I obviously couldn’t help myself. When it came in the mail, I’m not gonna lie, I held it up and thought “well, I’m going to look like I work maintenance in a hotel somewhere in this” BUT when I put it on, it immediately hugged my bump in the cutest way, and flattered the rest of my body, too! Check out how I styled it below:


How To Style A Denim Maternity Jumpsuit

(without looking like a maintenance worker)

How To Style A Denim Maternity Jumpsuit

How To Style A Denim Maternity Jumpsuit

Keep it sleek and simple.

Jumpsuits are one piece – so you don’t have a ton of deciding to do when it comes to throwing one on. It’s like overalls, or a t-shirt dress. Super easy to slip on for the day and feel put together. I love the medium wash of this denim jumpsuit because it translates well from spring to summer to fall. For this particular outfit, I was styling it for summer (hence my neon pops of color and bright shoes). You don’t need to go overboard with a jumpsuit: choose one that fits you well, isn’t overly baggy (you want it to hug in all the right places), and has nice lines. I have a striped one from last summer that is non-maternity (check it out here) and I love it because it’s cinched at the waist, and isn’t super busy so I could dress it up with a white jean jacket, wear alone or a cute tee underneath. I actually own it in two colors – denim and striped. With jumpsuits, I think simplistic is always better.

Choose a few accessories to emphasize your figure.

I love that this particular jumpsuit came with a tie for underneath my bust. Obviously, I do not have a defined waistline anymore (thanks, baby!) but I LOVE wearing ties and belts above my bump! I think maternity jumpsuits especially need something like that because if not, you end up completely losing your shape and that’s when you run into maintenance-worker-chic and unless that’s TOTALLY your jam (and it might be) – we want to avoid that.

I also love pairing bright accessories with muted tones – so it was very appropriate for me to throw on some neon earrings to compliment this outfit. They really stand out against the denim, but because there isn’t a ton else going on it also doesn’t seem out of place or too busy.

How To Style A Denim Maternity Jumpsuit

How To Style A Denim Maternity Jumpsuit

How To Style A Denim Maternity Jumpsuit

Pick fabric-contrasting shoes.

Again – because jumpsuits are all one thing, you can really play with other fabrics to enhance the look! I loved these espadrille wedges with this look. They are a bright coral (obsessed), and they have a light suede fabric on top and the straw material on the bottom. It absolutely SCREAMS summer. I need to repurchase another straw bag for this season (like this clutch I had last year) because that would honestly be the PERFECT way to complete this outfit.

Snake skin flats, leopard print mules or even metallic loafers would all be AWESOME compliments to an outfit like this. Anything that mixes up the fabrics and patterns to add something fun to look at.

Play to the season.

You can REALLY gear this look to the season you are in – and so investing in a quality piece like this will quickly get it’s use. Obviously – you can see how I style it for summer, but you can really enhance this jumpsuit for both spring and fall as well!

For spring, I would really stick to pastel compliments. Lavender and baby pink accessories like belts or earrings, and nude pumps would really dress this look up and make it super chic. I’d also add a fun pastel or floral headscarf for a little extra something to catch the eye. I’d definitely keep it more classy and less casual for spring.

For fall, I’d take the jumpsuit and add my fuzzy white vest OR a fuzzy neutral-toned vest for that fabric contrast. Then, I’d pair it with a really cute pair or leopard or red booties. They would be our pop of color/pattern and keep your feet warm as it cools down! You can top it with a cute beanie or wide-brimmed hat and dainty necklace or stacked bracelets to finish the look off! 

How To Style A Denim Maternity Jumpsuit

How To Style A Denim Maternity Jumpsuit

A little disclaimer about this particular jumpsuit: unless you have a bump on the smaller side, this is NOT going to fit you all nine months. I am at the very biggest I can be while wearing this and not popping the buttons. I SO wish I had bought it when I was still a bit littler!! I will save it for my next pregnancy (if we are blessed with one) and hopefully will get to wear it sooner. Other than that, though, it’s SO comfortable and SO darling. I’m obsessed.

Did you rock jumpsuits during your pregnancy?! Let me know if you like this style in the comments below!

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  1. You’re seriously the cutest! I’ve never seen a pregnant girl rock a jumpsuit as awesome as you! Love that pop of red!

  2. I appreciate the fact that you even put a disclaimer about the size. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to purchase a piece and if it arrives even a few weeks later, you’ve already grown and can’t wear it hah! Pregnancy growing is like growing as a kid – one week something fits and the next it doesn’t! However, you look FABULOUS in this jumpsuit now, and I love the pop of color you added with those shoes! You’re just the cutest!

  3. I recently saw a few other bloggers sporting the denim look! This seems very comfortable actually. I’m not pregnant, but I never even considered romper maternity fashion! Definitely keep it for your next pregnancy like you said. I hope that you do get blessed with another child one day! Need to get the most out of your wardrobe too. 馃槈


  4. omg you are so cute! I never tried the denim jumpsuit when I was pregnant, but now I wish I did. Maybe for number 2 then lol

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