Happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! The first one of the year! I thought I’d kick us off with my typical go-to style lately: cozy athleisure. I have been a HUGE fan of sneakers, leggings and cozy sweaters and tops for the winter because I just haven’t been into wearing jeans lately (who is?). I know 2019 is going to be the year of dressing comfortably for me, so why not start it off with my typical uniform, amiright? I did a post about summertime athleisure style last year – but things switch up a bit in the winter time and I figured you’d need some more outfit inspo anyways – so here we go! Let’s do this.

Easy Winter Athleisure Style

Easy Winter Athleisure Style

Get sneaky (sneakers, that is) with your footwear. 

I opt for Adidas superstars every time no matter what. I have two pairs now – the traditional black and white (and safe option and my go-to for flying) and an all-millennial-pink pair (I just got them for Christmas and am obsessed). They are chic, comfortable and great for walking. I never feel clunky in them, and I always get compliments. They are by far my favorite sneaker.

If you don’t have a pair of superstars, still go for a chic sneaker! There are tons of sneaker options to choose from. Target has a BUNCH of really cute sneaker slides and I have a pair of gold and white ones I love. Same casual vibe, but a little less expensive!

Easy Winter Athleisure Style

Leggings over everything – but make sure they are lined and opaque.

Leggings are what I live in now. I truly cannot remember the last time that I wore jeans. My all-time favorite pair of winter leggings are from Amazon, like $11, and fleece-lined. They are crazy comfortable, super warm and very flattering on me! The best part is they are completely opaque – so no free shows to the general public if I bend over. 馃槈 If you don’t like these leggings – my other swear by favorites are my black Zella leggings. They are SO comfortable, go all the way to my ankle (I hate when leggings ride up around my mid-calf), and are very well made. They are a little bit pricier – but worth every single penny in my opinion. The third alternative – what I’m wearing in these pictures – are faux leather leggings. They’re just as comfortable and really chic!

*disclaimer: I think these fleece-lined leggings only work well if you have longer legs. My mom and sister are both about 5 feet tall with shorter legs, and they hate the way the leggings come up around their midsection. They actual call them “diaper leggings” because they bunch up on them. They DO NOT do that on me, but I must have more room for them to stretch out!! For reference, I am 5 foot 6. So keep that in mind when purchasing. 馃檪

Easy Winter Athleisure Style

Keep it classy with a sweater or low key with a denim sweatshirt.

This denim sweatshirt is my actual favorite lately!!! I love how easy it is to style, it’s actually super warm and is another piece I always get compliments on. Another option here is a casual distressed sweater, or oversized sweatshirt. I like going the distressed sweater route because it looks a little more dressed up than a sweatshirt, so I feel a little bit better if I have to be in public.


Throw on a ball cap or beanie for the ultimate winter-hair-don’t-care situation.

The best way to go for a casual, low key outfit is to throw on a fun ball cap or beanie! I love either option because 1. they hide the fact that I am on day 4 of not washing my hair, 2. I can reuse 2 or 3 day old curls and get those beachy waves poking out from beneath the hat and 3. they just barely dress the outfit down enough to work for athleisure wear. I’m here for it.


Easy Winter Athleisure Style

Easy Winter Athleisure Style

This is really an easy style and you can basically go any way you want with it. If you want to wear joggers instead of leggings, it still works! If you want to wear an oversized sweater instead of a long sweatshirt, go for it! This is the perfect time to let your style shine while staying cozy and warm.

How do you feel about this trend?! Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. You’re making me think I need to seriously uplevel my winter athleisure! This look is sooo cute and I bet it’s comfy as can be!

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