Happy almost-Halloween, friends! Now, if you are like me, this will serve more for next Halloween because you’ve already had your costume picked out since November 1st of last year. #whoops #sorrynotsorry BUT if you are a last minute Lucy – and need some KILLER couple Halloween costumes to win yourself an awesome costume contest or just impress trick-or-treaters. These are all fun and pretty creative, so the chances that you’ll run into another one of these at your Halloween party is slim. Let’s dive into this!

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Van Gogh & His Painting

This one is so unique! I’ve never actually seen it done outside of Pinterest images. If you love painting and art is your thang – this is the perfect couple costume!!

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Milo & Kida from Atlantis

Raise your hand if you are a secret Atlantis junkie….no? No one? You are lying. This is probs one of the most underrated movies ever. ALSO a super fun costume to do – and fairly recognizable!

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Ventriloquist and his/her Dummy

This one is kind of creepy, and totally fun. I love that you don’t need to be a makeup artist to do this. Dummy makeup can be thrown on pretty easily – but if you want an in depth tutorial, check mine out here.

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Bob Ross & his Happy Tree

This one makes me laugh out loud every single time. Bob Ross is kind of an icon and this is a cute take on the classic painter. You can either make a canvas that attaches to your body/head OR just dress up like a tree. Either way works!

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Jack & Wendy from The Shining

If you are a horror movie fanatic – this is right up your alley. This is one of all my time favorite scary movies so I fully plan on doing this one in the next coming years!

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Joker & Harley Quinn

Adam and I did this one two years ago and it was so much fun. We looked SO good and had SUCH a blast doing this look. It was right at the height of Suicide Squad but now that the hype has died down, it’s the perfect time to bring it back.

Jake From State Farm & Flo From Progressive

This one also makes me laugh really hard. I was obsessed with Flo in high school and also quote Jake from State Farm on the DAILY. This is so fun for a family-friendly Halloween party or an office party.

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Peter Pan & His Shadow

I love Peter Pan and this is a different take on the classic Peter Pan spin. Instead of Peter & Tink – you get to be Peter and his Shadow!!

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Medusa & A Stone Man

I BEGGED Adam to do this with me this year and he said there was no way that anyone would be able to tell what we are AND I FULLY DISAGREE. This is such an awesome and creative costume idea.

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Victor & Corpse Bride

This is super cute – but less done than Jack and Sally. The makeup for Corpse Bride is also super creative and fun and I think it’s a unique way to ring in the spooky season.

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Monarch Butterfly & Catcher

If you need something less scary and more cute, this is an awesome one!!! A sweet butterfly and her sneaky catcher. It doesn’t even have to be much more than butterfly wings and a coordinating colored top and leggings, either, so nothing too fancy!

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Barista & Frappuchino

One of my friends from college did this one with her fiancé our senior year and it was a hit! I love how cute and easy this is to put together, too. You can even make it as easy as a simple green apron, fluffy pink sweater and large cream infinity scarf.

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween


12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Many of these costumes can be made from clothes you already own, too, or very minimal trips to the costume store. There are so many different and fun options for Halloween – you don’t have to stick with the same few every year! 

What are you and your honey going to be this year for Halloween?!?! Let me know win the comments below!

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