HAPPY #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! Today, I am sharing one of my ALL TIME favorite outfits of the moment: my graphic tee + jean skirt combo. I’ve been really into the 90s style clothing lately with a lot of denim, distressed fabrics and easy street style. I love how casual you can be while still looking put together. This outfit is super easy to put together and I’m not gonna lie – it makes you feel like a bada$$. I’m here for it. Also – just a little PSA: it was over 100 degrees when we shot this outfit so yet. I look sweaty. We are going to move past that and just jump into this.


Why You Need A Denim Mini Skirt ASAP

Why You Need A Denim Mini Skirt ASAP

Why You Need A Denim Mini Skirt ASAP

One: Trends have changed and gone are the Hollister jeans minis that haunt me in the nightmares. The hemlines are longer (thank heavens) and the waistlines are higher (thank heavens again). I feel like this makes this style more inclusive and flattering for more body types, and you can sit down without showing your underwear to the whole world, which, honestly, is a win for everyone.

Two: The day-to-night potential is pretty much endless. Want to dress it down? Cool. Toss on your converse and graphic tee, like I styled here. Want to dress it up? Sweet add heels and a blouse to that situation. A++ in versatility.

Three: The replace shorts with an updated alternative. I find that my denim mini has replaced my typical jean shorts when it comes to easy fashion. It is more comfortable, the wash is neutral so it matches everything and I can layer over top of it.

Four: They are ALWAYS in season. Summer look? Graphic tee and sneakers. Fall look? Ankle boots and sweater. Winter look? Opaque tights and turtle neck. Spring look? Floral blouse and heels. DONE DONE DONE AND DONE. 

Five: The right ones will last you YEARS. This particular skirt is from The Loft – so I know the quality is there. These minis are just like any other pair of good denim: if you take care of them, they will last you a decade. This cut is very trendy, but it is also a classic silhouette and because denim is so timeless, you won’t be wasting your money on a piece like this.

Six: They actually make your legs look longer. Yup. That’s right. These denim minis actually make your tan summer legs look a mile long thanks for clothing optical illusions. Choose a high waisted style and pair them with a pair of killer pumps to amp it up!

Seven: Your confidence is going to spike WAY UP when you rock this look. Because who doesn’t want to look like a 90s beauty queen in their every day life, if we are being totally honest. It’s like the perfect pair of jeans. When you find the right one – you will look and feel like a million bucks. 

Why You Need A Denim Mini Skirt ASAP

Why You Need A Denim Mini Skirt ASAP

Why You Need A Denim Mini Skirt ASAP


Why You Need A Denim Mini Skirt ASAP

Denim skirts have quickly become a real favorite of mine – and I can’t wait to start filling my closet with different washes and fabrics. They are such key piece to have in any closet – and a great way to switch up your usual summer outfits!!

Why You Need A Denim Mini Skirt ASAP

Do you like denim mini skirts? How do you like to style them? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. I recently got a denim skirt too and it’s so awesome I just wear them like I would wear shorts! I love your tee and those earrings!

  2. i am in love with denim mini skirts! i have a vintage one from abercrombie & fitch that i got ageessss ago and that one’s been one of my faves. i also have an a-line style one from h&m that fits really well. both worn a lot this summer!

  3. Haha girl you don’t even look sweaty you are glowing! Denim mini skirts have also been my go to lately! I love this one!

  4. I’ve been dying to wear a mini denim skirt all summer! But haven’t found any that are maternity friendly lol. But this is definitely a trend I can’t wait to wear after he is born, so cute!

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