Happy FRI-YAY!!! I have been binging SO MANY podcasts lately because I spend half my days nursing and I like to listen to podcasts to pass the time! Podcasts have been something I’ve really been getting into over the last few months because I can listen to them while I’m doing other things and I don’t have to watch a screen to know what is going on (like a tv show). Whether it’s nursing, cleaning, doing my makeup, etc. podcasts are my fave thing to listen to lately. Let’s jump into this.


*these are not in any particular order.*

The Classic Chambray Top Tied THREE WAYS



Alright…so I may be biased… 😉 But HLAM is my podcast and I’m obsessed with it. It’s everything I had been looking for when it comes to being a working mom. I interview TONS of working moms from different backgrounds from other bloggers to magazine editors to motivational speakers to body positivity coaches to authors and more. All of these women have something in common: they are all moms who are hustling to make their dreams come true. It’s inspirational, funny, authentic and honest. It’s available on apple podcasts, spotify, stitcher and google play! Episodes are between 35min-1hr long. *no explicit language used*


This is my all time favorite podcast. I’m SUPER into true crime, and Ash & Brit are my very favorite true crime podcasters. They tell the story in a way that captures your attention start to finish, they add all the details without getting overly wordy and going off on long tangents, and they have so much respect for the victims, their families and the stories they are telling. If you are into true crime: you will LOVE crime junkie. The episodes are between 30-45 minutes long.

*no explicit language used*


If you LOVE Crime Junkie – you are going to LOVE Supernatural!! I am a huge fan of Ashley Flowers (one of the co-hosts of Crime Junkie) – and this podcast is one of my current favorites. It’s in the same vein of true crime, but tackles unexplained mysteries like ghosts, aliens, conspiracy theories and more. Ashley has such a great voice for podcast, and I love that I get to listen to her a second time in my week (and now a third with her latest podcast – Very Presidential). These episodes are between 30-50 minutes long. *no explicit language used*



This is another podcast run by one of my favorite youtubers – Samantha Ravndahl. I LOVE her and she was the first beauty YouTuber I ever watched and fell in love with. Like her podcast title, Sam is SUPER relatable and hilarious.  She runs the podcast with her bestie, and they, too, have great banter with each other and with their guests. This podcast focuses on a bunch of lifestyle content like self care, entrepreneurship, eating disorders, depression/anxiety, what is the meaning of life, etc. It’s a hodgepodge of awesome topics and you can pick and choose what speaks to you! The episodes are between 35-50 minutes long. *minor language used*


I have been super into business podcasts lately as I work to continually grow all avenues of my business, and this podcast has been such a great help. Jenna’s information is always concise and to-the-point with clear titles and actionable steps you can take RIGHT. NOW. If you are looking to gain strategies to help grow your business, this is a great resource to start with no matter what stage you are in -brand new baby business OR established business! The episodes are between 30-50 minutes long. *no explicit language used*



This is a makeup podcast! I love this one because they tackle a bunch of different makeup and skincare topics and interview experts in their beauty fields. It’s super conversational and fun to listen to and you can pick and choose the topics that speak to you. I love the skin care episodes because I’m going through so much crazy acne (during my pregnancy and post-pregnancy) and they have a lot of awesome tips to help that. They talk about new product releases, as well, so I am always in the know! The episodes are between 35-55 min long. *no explicit language used*



If you are a small business owner or blogger, this is a great podcast to listen to! They cover all kinds of things the small business owner should know and it’s really informative. I also love hearing about other people’s businesses and they really do a great job at interviewing! The podcasts aren’t overly long, and they really dive deep into the content and don’t waste a lot of time before getting into the nitty gritty of the podcast. The episodes are between 1 hr and 1.5 hrs. *explicit language used*



My bestie Erica Gwynn from Coming Up Roses has her own podcast (spoiler: I’m on it – check out episode 29) – and it’s a MUST-LISTEN. I tune in every week to listen to her episodes, not just because I LOVE E – but because the episodes are relatable and applicable to every day life. She interviews a diverse group of people – tackling subjects like motherhood, burnout, race issues, stress management and more. If you are looking to THRIVE instead of just survive – this is the podcast for you! The episodes are between 45 min – 1.5hrs. *no explicit language used*

What podcast is your favorite?? Leave your BEST suggestions down in the comments below!!

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