Happy happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! I hope you had a FANTASTIC week so far, and are just as mind boggled as I am that it is already AUGUST. 2017 – pretty please stop moving so fast, k? ANYWAYS I was working with my beautiful friend Erin from erinstubblefieldweddings.com, and we shot this super fun look for you guys. It’s definitely one of my favorites – so I hope you enjoy it. It’s covering how to style a bell-sleeved top without looking boho. EVEN THOUGH I lovelovelove boho looks (you can find my guide on styling that type of look HERE), it doesn’t always fit my mood for the day. Let’s dive into this.


(exact sunnies + jeans, similar top + shoes)

How To Style A Bell-Sleeved Top (Without Looking Boho)

Pretty much everyone and their mother knows how to style a bell-sleeved top to look like a boho princess, but there ARE other ways to style them. One of my personal favorite ways to rock the bell-sleeves is in a classy-I’m-going-to-brunch-with-my-girls way.

How To Style A Bell-Sleeved Top (Without Looking Boho)


Ok. So this part is important because you want to make sure you steer clear of that boho vibe. I chose a fabric that was less cotton, and more sheer. I also steered clear of crochet details, lace and fringe. I went with a bold color because USUALLY I associate boho looks with neutral colors like brown, cream and anything in the red/orange family. Hence, the blue. I also went with something that had really delicate and beautiful embroidery because that also doesn’t fit the boho vibe. They are light pink, and embroidery is SUPER on trend right now. 

How To Style A Bell-Sleeved Top (Without Looking Boho)


I often associate boho looks with distressed jeans, bell-bottoms or distressed shorts (and anything with fringe). SO. I went opposite of anything that would resemble bohemian, and chose my favorite white pants with zipper detailing. These aren’t exactly jean material, they’re a little more satin-y and almost khaki-like, so they feel more fancy than regular jeans. AKA TOTAL BRUNCH MATERIAL. They are also super stretchy so I can eat all the Eggs Benedict I want and my food baby stays nice and happy.

How To Style A Bell-Sleeved Top (Without Looking Boho)


Skip the boots, the fringe booties, the stacked heels. I went for a fancy black heel that felt comfortable to walk in, but had contemporary scalloped straps. These heels are definitely a favorite of mine because they don’t have blisters and they aren’t tall enough to hurt my feet. I can wear them all day long. Another good option for this would be a pair of neutral flats, or bold pointed toe heels. 

How To Style A Bell-Sleeved Top (Without Looking Boho)


These sunnies make me feel like Anna Wintour. I lovelovelove them. They are big, bold and definitely make a statement. I also chose my favorite Kate Spade bag — this one is light pink and neutral so it goes with everything. It matches the embroidery on the sleeves of this top, so it ties the whole look together! You could also opt to skip the sunglasses, and go for a large pair of statement earrings instead OR choose a less bulky bag and do a black cross body!

How To Style A Bell-Sleeved Top (Without Looking Boho)


How To Style A Bell-Sleeved Top (Without Looking Boho)

This look is so simple to achieve, but offers you another option if you want to switch up your usual bell-sleeved attire. Not that boho isn’t gorgeous, but it’s totally fine to want to get more use out of your closet. 🙂

How To Style A Bell-Sleeved Top (Without Looking Boho)

Let me know if you liked this look in the comments below! I’d love to see you try it out.

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  1. This is the cutest bell sleeve top and you totally styled it in a chic way that doesn’t look boho. Love how you pulled it all together – Katy

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