Our oldest turned four yesterday and I simply cannot deal. We are about to have 3 kids under 4 and that also blows my mind. All of a sudden our tiny firstborn turned into this full on human being and he is SO much fun. He is so smart, so funny and so sweet. We are the luckiest parents. This year, we celebrated Jack’s birthday in a very low-key way at the park surrounded by some of his very best buddies. Here’s our little recap.

Monster Truck Bash: Jack Turns Four

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First things first: this party was thrown with our four year old in mind. We have thrown bigger parties in the past, but this year, we kept it low key with some cute decorations, desserts from our favorite bakery, and a big, big emphasis on PLAY for the kids. It was perfect. Jack went to bed that night and said, “this was my favorite day ever”. So this is just your reminder that you do NOT need to throw giant, elaborate birthday parties for your kids to have the best day ever. Sometimes I feel like I need to compete with celebrities and big influencers with magazine-worthy toddler birthdays that cost thousands of dollars. To be completely transparent, we spent about $385 on Jack’s birthday all together (not including gifts)!

The breakdown for a party of 9 kids + their parents –

Food / desserts (12 cupcakes, cookie cake, veggie tray, fruit tray, 24 water bottles, ice, two boxes of individually wrapped chip bags): $175

Decorations: $150

Jack’s outfit: $25

Park Pavillion rental: $35

This year, I didn’t do fancy cookies simply because my cookie girl was still on maternity leave! HA! I would have ordered my typically Townhouse Treats cookies, but she wasn’t quite ready to take orders so I skipped that this year and decided to do cupcakes (which Jack picked out himself) and cookie cake (again, picked out by Jack) and our big four year old LOVED being a part of selecting the treats for the party.

We booked one of the party pavilions at our local park, and it worked out perfectly. It wasn’t the exact pavilion I wanted because I booked a little late so next time, I will book sooner in advance to make sure my first choice is available. I ordered all my balloons from Amazon and then had them filled with helium at Party City – it was so easy because I just brought the balloons in, told them the kind of balloon bouquets I was wanting and they had it done in less than 24 hours.



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