Happy Tuesday!! Last Christmas – I slipped on a patch of ice and fell directly on my phone (which was in my back pocket). The screen obviously cracked. And it cracked BAD. My stomach immediately dropped into my knees. It cost $200 to fix and around the holidays, that isn’t something I just had lying around. It was then I realized I actually did need to invest in a good quality phone case. I’ve gone through LOTS of cases but I’ll be honest – one takes the cake. Enter: my Tech21 Studio Colour case. Let’s talk about why this should make it into your stocking this year (I’ll put in a good word to Santa for you). Let’s dive into this.

Protecting Your Phone This Holiday Season with Tech21!

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About Tech21:

Tech21 has been around since 2005 – so they are no newbie to the phone protection game. They realize that as humans: we are going to drop our phones more than once. Heck: we are going to drop our phones DAILY. I am CONSTANTLY dropping mine. Literally. Several times a day. Tech21 has in-house scientists that ensure that they are using the most durable material for THE BEST drop protection on the market. 

They have also added plant-based materials AND germ-killing antimicrobial formulas (which is awesome because if you’ve ever watched those videos about how many germs are on your phone…it’s enough to make you want to live in a bubble). 

About the Studio Colour Case:

I LOVE this case. I prefer the basic black because it goes with everything and I’m just into moody colors these days. If you like something with a little brighter feel – they have tons of colors available in this particular case. A few notable things to mention here:

  • Microbe-fighting protection for a clean case (especially good for me since I have a little baby at home and want to stay a free of germs as possible).
  • It can protect from a drop of up to 8 feet (so like when I knocked it off my deck the other day and it hit rocks below…yeah…my phone was protected).
  • It’s made from plant-based materials, so I feel better about my carbon footprint.
  • It’s really thin and slim so it doesn’t feel bulky in my pocket

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For 10% off your order! Valid through 12/9/19 – 1/8/20!

I use tons of phone cases because I’m always switching it up to match my mood at the moment (or my outfit, tbh). This basic case matches everything, protects my phone and definitely makes it into my top 10 phone cases these days!! Obsessed.

Have you tried Tech21?? What kind of phone case do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!


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