Today’s episode is all about how to stop the scroll and take back your energy on social media without sacrificing your marketing strategy. Together, we walk listeners through steps to create a marketing and content plan that is not just posting on social and Ruthie shares her practical tips how to use social media to grow their business without the overwhelm and burnout. Find Ruthie HERE.

How To Take Back Your Energy On Social Media and “Stop The Scroll” with Ruthie Sterrett

Ruthie Sterrett helps women create values based brands and consistent marketing and content strategies with the Consistency Corner Marketing Method. A retail veteran, turned self-taught marketing executive and host of The Consistency Corner Podcast, Ruthie grew in entrepreneurship with experience in blogging, direct sales and health & wellness coaching all while balancing a corporate job in retail marketing and being a mom. As a Midwest native (now in FL!) she lives by the motto “work hard and be nice” and loves to cheer others on in their pursuit of big goals!



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Show Notes:

  • What does “hustle like a mother” mean to you?
    • I always knew I only wanted one child. And I also always knew that I wanted to work. And when I had my son, I looked out into the world of working moms and I thought, nobody’s talking about how hard this is. To work and be a great mom. And I remember thinking in that moment within the first couple of months of having him, is that part of my purpose on this earth is to serve and support other working moms. So when I say “hustle like a mother,” to me, it means supporting each other.
  • What does “stop the scroll” mean?
    • I realized that I was spending way, way too much time on social media. So the first thing I did is I realized, okay, I need to set boundaries with the corporate job. So I’m gonna only check the socials for that piece of my business. From eight to five, like during those times. But then even with my own entrepreneurial journey inside hustle, I was constantly on my phone. I was like, okay, let’s think about this – every single time I open my phone and I go to Instagram and I go to Facebook and I scroll for 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, whatever minutes – is my life better at the end of that session? And most of the time, usually not the answer was no. And so that was when I realized like, this is draining my energy. It’s not adding anything to my life. I have got to do something different. And because I was at that time launching the consistency corner and kind of working on marketing coaching and trying to figure this out, I was like, well, I can’t just not be on social media. And that was where the “stop the scroll” kind of challenge came from and how can I protect my marketing strategy, but also protect my energy and not give in to the overwhelm that is social media.
  • What are some of your ways to kind of take back that energy on social media without sacrificing the obviously very necessary marketing strategy you have to have in place when you’re running a business?
    • If you go to, there’s a free five-day challenge, and I’m gonna go through three of those steps today. 
    • The first one we already talked a little bit about, and that is to be aware and check your screen time and then to be intentional about lowering that.
    • The second piece that I wanna discuss, after the awareness and setting limits for yourself and putting parameters in place to help you stick to those limits, you should be planning your content ahead of time. You should be batching your content and you should be scheduling your content. Pick what you know you can be consistent with because then your audience can come to expect it. Consistent does not have to mean constant.
    • The third point I wanna make is that at the end of the day, remember that social media is not actually your marketing strategy. Social media is a container for your message and your content, and it’s not the end-all-be-all.  I’m never a fan of posting just a post, I think there should always be an intention behind what you’re doing.
  • Give us your best tip for moving forward. If somebody is really struggling with that marketing and content plan, what is one thing that they can do right now to kind of get themselves on the right track?
    • Pick your content pillars. And then that can give you at least a framework for a content strategy to try on for the next three months. So what I would recommend is that if you haven’t already done this, brainstorm three to five content themes – for me, they’re “marketing made easy,” “branding tips,” “setting intentional goals,” and “personal development.” So you pick three to five and then under those three to five, you brainstorm like 10 topics that you could just talk about for five minutes. You know, if you could talk about that for five minutes, you could write a post about it. You could probably write a blog post about it. You could probably do a podcast. You can pull it into so many different types of content.
  • How do you balance that line between “Okay, she did it. I can do it.” versus “She did it. Ugh. I’m never gonna be able to do it.”
    • I try to remember that somebody else’s Step 20 is not going to look like my Step 5 and I don’t know what step anybody else is on. Even if they look like they’re on a similar path, I don’t know how long they’ve been doing something. Whether it’s taking them five years to get to this spot or, you know, five months, I don’t know all of the ins and outs of somebody else’s journey. So it would be unfair (and it is unfair) for me to look at that and be like, I cannot measure up to that – versus looking at that and being like, I would love for my life to look like that, what are some things I can maybe implement to try to get closer to what I’m seeing there?
    • The other thing I think is I don’t know how much help people have with their children behind the scenes. And a lot of people don’t talk about it. And like, for me in the beginning I was like, how do people even work with a baby? When my older son was first born and I was like, I’m never gonna be able to work again. This is way too much. It was so overwhelming for me being brand new, you know? And then I asked for help and we got somebody who could come watch the kids during the day.
    • I think trying to learn from somebody who is just a couple of steps ahead of you is the best versus a thousand steps ahead of you because then you don’t compare quite so much. I think being really aware of where you’re at so that you can invest in things that are appropriate for your level is great.
  • Is there any last tidbit of advice – anything you wanna leave our listeners with today before we wrap up the end of the podcast?
    • Yeah. You know, we talked a lot about social media and “stop the scroll” and we talked about planning your content. And the other thing that I just really want to share with you is that community piece. There’s so much power in collaboration. There’s so much power in that small community. And so I would absolutely love for your listeners to connect with me at the Consistency Corner Podcast.
  • Where else can we find you on the internet? We’ve got your podcast – where else do you hang out?

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