Happy Tuesday!! I’m popping in today because I want to share a household Mobley staple: Solid Gold! We have been big fans of the brand’s gut-friendly formulas for over a year (you can check out my last blog post with them here). If you are new around here – you may not know about my giant horse-dog, Archer. He’s 80lbs of solid LOVE and the best rescue pup in the world. We do our best to make sure he is spoiled rotten and one way we do that is to celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week.

National Walk Your Dog Week with Solid Gold!

Sponsored Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Solid Gold. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Archer is a BIG dog, so he has a lot of needs. One of those needs is a daily walk and lots of exercise. Our vet always told us “a tired dog is a good dog” and for Archer, that is absolutely true. Just running around the backyard isn’t always enough, so we make sure that as often as we can, we’re getting him out running around. Our veterinarian recommends Arch gets minimum 5 walks a week when possible.

Another thing we do for Archer is to ensure that he is getting a proper diet. He’s a picky dog, so finding a food he liked was tough. Solid Gold checks all of his (and all of our) boxes when it comes to pet nutrition. Hund-N-Flocken is a whole grain lamb, brown rice and pearled barely recipe that promotes gut health and immune support. This food provides everything Archer needs to stay active, healthy and nutritionally supported.

We ALSO love the Solid Gold Bone Broth and Bone Broth Stew. Like I said early, Archer is a picky eater. He LOVES when we add bone broth to his dinner. Not only does it add a rich flavor to his kibble, it also adds nutritional benefits for a healthy gut! Bone Broth from Solid Gold contains human grade beef bone broth as well as naturally occurring collagen as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, the bone broth packets are resealable, too, so you don’t have to use it all at one time. Archer’s has been big fan of Solid Gold’s Bone Broth, and we’re loving the new bright packaging that’s starting to hit shelves (both packaging options have the same ingredients).

If this sounds like EXACTLY what your pup needs – then you need to check out Solid Gold. They are now sold on Amazon and you can use this code to purchase at a discount: MOBLEY20 (gets you 20% off Bone Broth Stews on Amazon and expires 11/30/20)!


We love Archer SO much and we truly want to do the best for him when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Solid Gold is a company we love, use and trust and I know you guys will love them, too!!!

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