Happy Wednesday, everyone!!! I have been compiling a list of my favorite most recent Amazon purchases – all under $20, of course. I love when I score really awesome products from Amazon because hello, 2 day shipping but also because they’re usually super inexpensive. I tend to grab a few things every couple weeks to stay on top of trends and whatnot, or if something really fun catches my eye. And if they’re a bust, I only wasted $8.99 so it’s not that big of a deal. SO. Let’s dive into what I’ve been loving from Amazon lately!

My Favorite Amazon Products Under $20

My Favorite Amazon Products For Under $20


This thing has been a literal lifesaver. It’s SO much easier to hold my phone (I have an iPhone 8+), plus I can stand it up to watch videos and it makes scrolling in bed for six hours WAY easier. I never drop it when taking selfies or on my face (both of which I’ve done in the past) and it’s a super cute accessory on the back. 10/10 recommend.

La Beaut茅 COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

These……actually work. Trust me. I was skeptical. They’re apparently safe for pregnant women, which is great for me, and they seriously pull all the gunk out of my acne-covered skin. I’ve struggled REALLY badly with acne while pregnant and so finding anything that will at least help bring the size of the zit down so that it isn’t so huge and in your face is a win for me.

Giant Pearl Barrettes

These are ALL the rage right now. I’m obsessed. They are super cute and super fun, and make a really simple style very glam. You can style them a million different ways (youtube video coming ASAP on 3 ways to wear them!!), and they are so on trend so you can feel just as cute as all your fave IG models. 馃槈

Stainless Steel Straws

I’m trying really hard not to use plastic straws anymore because they just don’t make me feel good about the trash I’m putting into the environment. I’ve been trying hard to reduce the amount of waste that I am producing (because I realized just how much it actually was) and one of those steps is NO MORE PLASTIC STRAWS. These are fun and come in two styles, straight and bent. They have a little rubber bumper on the end so you don’t hit your teeth on them and they get really cold so your drink stays cold longer.

My Favorite Amazon Products For Under $20

My Favorite Amazon Products For Under $20

My Favorite Amazon Products For Under $20

Earbud Case + Holder

I am the queen of tangled ear buds and constantly misplacing them. They are always in a bundle somewhere in a jacket pocket (of whatever I happen to be wearing to the gym). This little number is great because it’s super easy to wrap the cord around, folds up into a cute little case that looks like a flower and slides into my pocket without turning into an absolute nightmare to use. 10/10.

Hair Scalp Massager

Ok I swear I thought this was a gimmick but then my hairstylist recommended it and WOWWW I love it so much. I can’t say for certain whether or not I feel like it actually stimulates hair growth, but I do know it really helps get my shampoo into my scalp, and feels absolutely amazing at the same time. It’s like a spa in my shower.

Lightweight Sports Headband

This thing is amazing. I really struggle with headbands not staying on my head. They ALWAYS slip off. The issue is I have bangs, and so when I go to work out or walk with the dog, my bangs are constantly falling out of my bobby pins. I had ONE headband that actually worked and stayed on my head, but when I needed to wash it, it was obviously not available for me to wear. This one has taken the spot of favorite headband, it’s so comfortable and it’s really cute, too!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I’ve LOVED using these at my computer. I can actually tell a difference when I’m at the computer all day long. I have less tension headaches and WAY less eye fatigue. They are super inexpensive for a good pair like this, and they make me feel so much better about taking care of my eyes.

My Favorite Amazon Products For Under $20

My Favorite Amazon Products For Under $20

My Favorite Amazon Products For Under $20

Mini Hair Straightener

 Fun fact: everyone with bangs needs to order this ASAP. Seriously. It’s the only way I’ll straighten my bangs anymore. It’s definitely not strong enough for my entire head – but it’s PERFECT for these tiny little pieces of hair around my face. I found my big straightener was really just too much for this part of my hair, and it was crimping and creasing and generally annoying. This completely solved my problem and made doing my bangs a breeze.

The Blender Girl Smoothie Book

I’ve talked about this book before but I felt like it totally needed to be included because – duh. I drink a smoothie almost every day, and it’s usually one out of this book. I started drinking smoothies at the beginning of my pregnancy as a way to get a bunch of awesome nutrients in my system without feeling like I had to eat all of them during the day. It’s a fabulous way to get fruits and veggies in while drinking something really yummy.

Esqido Eyelash Glue

This is my holy grail eyelash glue. Hands down. I have never used another one that works THIS well. It’s white, but dries clear, and has the best staying power of any glue I’ve tried. Even my thick bands don’t have an issue with this glue holding all day long. It’s what I use on myself AND what I use on my brides. I wouldn’t do my makeup without it.

Digital Luggage Scale

This has been SUCH a lifesaver while traveling. I am a notorious overpacker – so it’s super important to be to be able to weigh my bag before flying so I don’t get stuck with extra fees. Usually, I’ll be fine flying out to wherever I’m going, but in the case of NYFW for instance – I always come home with a TON of stuff, and going home my bag ends up weighing anywhere from 10-15lbs more than it did when I arrived. I love being able to weigh it so I’m not surprised at the airport.

My Favorite Amazon Products For Under $20


My Favorite Amazon Products Under $20

I hope these products are being added-to-cart as we speak – they are seriously SO helpful and SO affordable. Most of the items here are actually less than $10, let alone $20. If you want my top three picks: 1. pop socket 2. acne patch 3. esqido eyelash glue. I pretty much can’t live without those now. Plus, they can be at your house in 2 days. The dream.

What is your favorite affordable Amazon find?! Let me know in the comments below!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these really great picks! I love acne patches and the pearl clips. Never thought about a scalp massager before! Sounds luxurious.

  2. Okay, you’ve found SO many goodies here! I’m definitely adding those straws and the acne product to my wishlist! Need!

  3. So many great picks under $20!! I just bought those, or very similar, pearl barrettes and I can’t wait for them to arrive!

    xo, Laura

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