Hey, friends! Today I’m coming in hot with a fitness bike review that I think you are going to love. I’m always looking to review products I think you’ll LOVE and the freebeat Boom Bike is a winner in my book. SO – if you are looking for a home fitness system to change up your 2023, keep reading.

freebeat Boom Bike Review

this post is sponsored by freebeat. my opinion is mine and mine alone.

What is the freebeat Boom Bike?

The Boom Bike is an indoor cycling bike much like many other bikes on the market like the Peloton and NordicTrack. At-home, indoor cycling hit an all time high in 2020 and has only continued to grow. I love that people are seeing the value of working out from the comfort of their home with the amazing equipment available.

The freebeat is an awesome budget-friendly indoor cycling bike that is becoming known for it’s high-intensity workouts, fun and engaging classes, interactive screen and streamable at-home instructional videos. I love that it comes in various different colors and it stands out with it’s affordable price point without sacrificing quality.

A few of the more unique qualities of the freebeat Boom Bike – dynamic LED lights that change color as you ride, gamified workouts where you earn points as you ride and compact size (it fits on a standard yoga mat size). The Boom Bike weighs in at just 15 lbs (for comparison, the Peloton is 35lbs) so it’s perfect for beginner and petite riders. The bike also comes with a really neat autoresisitance feature that automatically increases and decreases depending on how fast or slow you’re pedaling. You can also turn this off if it’s not your jam! Saddle detection is a key feature, as well – meaning it senses when you are in and out of the saddle during your workout. My only downside is that the bike doesn’t offer any heart rate monitoring – however, I have heard that this feature will be added by the end of the year! The bike itself is not cleated – it has toe cages – so you do not need any special shoes to ride. However, if you prefer cleated shoes to ride, you can swap out the pedals for cleated pedals.

As far as the subscription service goes – the Boom Bike comes with a 45-day free trial for their workout class subscription, and then its $39 per month. This subscription gives you access to over 500 high intensive workout videos. There is no Just ride mode, so you do need to have the subscription plan to use the bike if you want to use the monitor. You can, however, use the bike without the monitor without a subscription (but the resistance cannot be adjusted without the monitor).

My Personal Experience.

I really loved the bike – I think it’s easy to use, it’s incredibly simple to set up and move around, the screen & your account is also very intuitive to use and all-in-all, I can’t rave enough about it. I love having the ability to work out from home (especially with kids, let’s be honest) and this makes it SO simple to get a workout in without stressing about making it to the gym.

There are lots of features that I like personally, but honestly, one of my favorite was the light strip at the bottom of the bike that changes & flashes with the beat of the music. It makes you feel like you’re in a spin class! It was such a simple little extra touch that definitely makes more fun to work out.

Another thing I really enjoy about the bike is the fact that the classes really focus on moving with the beat rather than aiming for top speed. I personally am not a full-speed-ahead cardio girl, but more of a dance-to-the-music girl so this is exactly what I was looking for in a workout. Also – the instructors have been just SO fun to ride with.

Final thoughts.

I like this bike. It’s a lightweight, less expensive version of other heavier indoor bikes, without sacrificing a solid workout. The classes are fun, energetic and provide a great sweat. I’m so impressed with the Freebeat Boom Bike. PLUS – right now, Freebeat is having a holiday sale for and you can get $100 off using code “TAYLOR100” (on top of the sales going on now)!



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